Nora’s 1st Birthday Party

Pictures from Nora’s 1st Birthday Party

Below are a few of my favorites, but if you’d like to see all the pictures I took at Nora’s party, feel free to click the link above 🙂

birthday1 birthday2 birthday3 birthday4 birthday5 birthday6 birthday7

Don’t you love Eric’s dirty sock in all the pictures of him and her?  Why don’t I notice those things before I take the picture??  Thankfully this coming Friday we’re doing a professional session with our regular photographer, a cake smash session.  Should be fun, and hopefully we get a lot of cute pictures.  I guess I’ll need to start another Nora wall at our house!  (And I see a picture of Nora is still on our photographer’s home page!)

So yes, the party was this past Sunday.  As fun and wonderful as it was, is it bad I’m sort of happy it’s over?  I just felt so much stress over making it just right…  And ugh, the clean up.  I think next time it would be better to just take all our friends and family out to eat, leave the mess at the restaurant!  We ended up inviting only family, Eric’s brother, wife, and daughter, Eric’s parents, Eric’s grandparents, my sister, husband and two children, and then my mom and step-dad.  I invited my dad and grandmother, but they didn’t come.  Maybe more on that in another post…  (They complain I never make an effort, but then I finally invite them and they don’t come.)  For food we served open-faced beef sandwiches with cauliflower mashed potatoes and green beans from Whiskey Road, a fruit and veggie tray, potato chips and dip (mostly for the kids but always seems to be a simple hit), broccoli salad, cherry jello salad, and cupcakes from Scratch.  Everyone said they loved the food…  And clearly I ordered too much, as we sent food home with whoever would take it!

Nora received a ton of gifts, mostly toys… more than I know what to do with.  She is certainly one spoiled little girl.  I had kind of hoped she’d take an interest in opening her gifts, but I think she is just a bit too young for that yet, being still more like a 9 month old.  Same with the cupcake we gave her.  She kind of acted like she wasn’t sure what we wanted her to do with it!  Eric and I bought Nora a few gifts, a baby laptop, a water table, a dolllarge legos, a shape sorter, a sprinkler, a few books, and now I forget what else!  Good thing Christmas is months off!

Do I start planning her second birthday now?  Just kidding!


10 thoughts on “Nora’s 1st Birthday Party

  1. Oliver got so much at Christmas that I packed several things away. We actually just pulled out a few new toys this week. It’s working out perfectly.


  2. happy birthday nora. what a little sweetie. love the outfit you went with (that one was my fav 😉 ) i would keep some of the toys in storage, then between now and christmas she will have lots of fun stuff appear. (p.s. i would have never noticed the “dirty sock” until you mentioned it haha).


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