Picture this…  Beautiful family, all dressed up for church on Easter Sunday, little girl in an adorable Easter dress and bonnet…  Easter brunch to follow at a fancy location…

Yeah, that was not our Easter.  That is the Easter I dream of, the one I have in my head, but not the one that actually happened.  And don’t get me wrong, our Easter was great, just not story-book beautiful.

Eric was on-call.  Of course.  He went into the hospital around 6am to do I’m not sure what, round on his in-patients I assume.  I had decided last-minute to make a ham to celebrate with my mom and step-dad who were planning to arrive at my house around noon.  My hope was that Eric would be home in time to join us for lunch.

At 10am I put Nora down for her morning nap and jumped in the shower.  When I finished I saw a text from Eric saying he had added on a case (surgery) for 1:30pm.  Hum… so he would be missing lunch.  Darn it.  I felt bad he was stuck at the hospital.  But I also felt bad that I was making my mom and step-dad drive all the way to my house when Eric wasn’t even able to join us for the meal.

The meal was okay, the ham was spiral cut and I’m now told they are almost always dry after they are baked, and it was slightly dry.  We had cold sides with it, potato salad, a pasta salad, broccoli salad, mandarin orange salad, rolls, lots of yummy stuff.  It seemed a bit odd to me not having a hot potato dish though.  Just didn’t feel like Easter some how.  Maybe it was because I was in jeans, not my Sunday best.

After lunch we watched Nora play a bit until she was ready for her afternoon nap.  Then we all kind of laid around and watched TV, digesting our lunch.  Eric finally stopped home around 3pm to grab some food but headed back into the hospital before 5pm.  Typical on-call day for him I guess.  For some reason I thought the end of residency meant fewer missed holidays, but I was mistaken.

And if I didn’t feel like a mommy fail enough (no help from all my friend’s Facebook posts and pictures) I didn’t even put an Easter basket together for Nora.  Thankfully my mom did!  Nora was thrilled with it, especially the card!

easter 1

15 thoughts on “Easter

  1. I had the exact same mommy fail! I didn’t see the point when he cant even do anything with an easter basket yet. Although i have since learned thats not the point and i should have still put something together. Oh well, my parents did and there is always next year!


  2. Not a failure at all my friend! You care, you love, you try. Failure is not trying at all. This year as I prepared little bags for my kids, I failed to buy something for my youngest 8 month old girl. Ha…how could I forget??? I just put her name on momma’s bag and called it good. Be encouraged. I pray your upcoming days are fulfilling and joyful. Blessings.


  3. Yeah… I made an Easter basket and took pics of BG in her dress, but in actuality I was exhausted from being sick all week and I had to take Mr. MLACS to the airport to go back to Texas at 1pm. So we didn’t make it to church or brunch and I was sick and sad. Facebook is all bullsh*t–just remember that. But I’m sorry it was not what you’d hoped for. XOXO


  4. We didn’t do an Easter basket the first two years! And the third one, I bought six chocolate ladybugs and hid them and that was it. Little kids don’t have preconceived notions of what’s supposed to happen at the holidays, so whatever does, they’re happy with it!


  5. I always have visions of how things will go and it never works out. My kids act up, we are running late, forget the camera. I have learned to set low expectations…. Lol here is my Easter opinion buy things you are going to any ways for spring/ summer. Mine get swimsuits, flip flops, bubbles, sidewalk chalk etc and a couple candy things. Don’t beat your self up she won’t remember any of if.


  6. Sounds like a relaxing Easter to me! We went to church, which came back to bite us in the but because our son picked up the stomach virus and threw up all Monday night and has had diarrhea for two days. I’m sure we’re next. In hindsight, we should’ve been lazy and relaxed at home!


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