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Where from here…

I’ve been struggling on where to take this blog…  It started as a way for me to get my feelings out regarding our IVF journey.  Well clearly we are past that.  Then our NICU days, and more recently the life of a stay-at-home mom.  I’m not sure many of my posts have been all that entertaining!  Although I guess I don’t really write for all of you, but more for me, and for the advice all of you wonderful ladies, (and men?) offer me.  All that said, do all of you really care to follow as I document my life?  I mean really, I’m not all that exciting!  Honest yes, and I LOVE everyone I’ve met through writing, but entertaining I am not.

So the password protected posts…  If you haven’t already guessed, those were to conceal my pregnancy.  Yes, I’m pregnant, again, on our own.  (If you remember back to October when we got pregnant on our own but lost it very early.)  This pregnancy I was the annoying lady who kept bothering her doctor to do something.  So not to rehash too much, for those of you who know all this…  I’ve been on progesterone suppositories, 200 mg each, twice a day, since we found out we were pregnant.  I hate them, but ya know, what we do for the sake of our children!

Side note, I decided to write openly on here, as we are now into our 11th week of pregnancy and have heard the heartbeat twice already.  I know it’s still early, and thus we haven’t announced anything more publicly, so if you know us in real life, please keep this private for now.

So do you all really want to go through another pregnancy with me, reading the details that are really, probably, only important to me?  For now, I guess that is what I’ll be writing about.  Unless I can dream up something far more interesting!

For those of you reading the password protected posts, I’m sorry I didn’t update sooner with details from my appointment last Wednesday with my OB in Iowa City.  I meant to, but time got away from me.  Or rather, I was lazy and tired and laid around all weekend.

So last Wednesday.  I was scared to talk to my OB in Iowa City, as I had a lot of questions, mainly centering around how to keep this baby in past 29 weeks.  Side note, I decided to stick with my doctor in Iowa City, as she knows my history, and any doctor here would send me to Iowa City at the first sign of a shortening cervix.  So I figured skip all the hassle here and make the drive for my appointments.

Appointment last Wednesday was good.  I’ll try to summarize…

  • My doctor found the heart beat with the doppler, it was in the 160s which she said is fantastic.
  • Because I’m over 35, we scheduled an ultrasound for next week (11 weeks) to check the nuchal fold, then I’ll meet with a genetics counselor to review, and then I’ll have my blood drawn for the Materniti21 test.  Should have results in roughly three weeks.  Per their website “The MaterniT21 PLUS test is a noninvasive prenatal test (or NIPT) that detects fetal chromosomal abnormalities; from common (trisomies 21, 18 and 13) to the more rare (fetal sex aneuploidies, trisomies 16 and 22, and select microdeletions), all of the information reported is clinically relevant.”  This test will also disclose the gender.  I’m pretty sure they check the nuchal fold at this appointment because the blood test does not address related issues.
  • We scheduled an ultrasound for 16 weeks to check my cervical length and at that appointment I’ll also have a blood draw related to the nuchal fold, I forgot the name of that test…
  • At 16 weeks or as soon as my insurance approves our request I’ll start Makena injections.  My understanding of these are they are meant only for women who have already delivered a pre-term baby.  Supposedly they are a long-acting type of progesterone, given in weekly injections.  I should be able to do them at home, pending insurance approval.  I assume we will do them either if they deny our request, but apparently they are $1,500 a shot.  Ouch!  Lots of interesting data about these….  If I remember correctly, 12% of women delivered before 32 weeks on the injections, compared to 20% on the control.  So they clearly don’t help everyone.  And there are risks, with 2% of women on the shots delivering stillbirth, compared to 1% on the control.
  • We scheduled my 20 week anatomy scan which will also be an ultrasound to check my cervical length.  Depending on the measurements from 16 and 20 weeks we will discuss placement of a cervical cerclage.  The stitch would need to be placed before viability, so at the latest 22 weeks according to my doctor.  We did not yet discuss the benefits and risks, although she did mention the risk of breaking your water during the procedure.
  • Ultimately my doctor expects this baby to be born early.  But how early, who knows…

Honestly, that’s all I really know for now.  I’m so sick of feeling sick.  And so exhausted, but I know it’s a good sign and comes with the territory.  And above all, I know some reading this would give an arm or leg to be pregnant.  I do remember that feeling.  And I know I am blessed to be pregnant again, and on our own this time.

I had a few other topics I wanted to touch on, but out of time as I only have a sitter until 5 today.  I’ll try to write more later in the week 🙂

19 thoughts on “Where from here…

  1. I had no idea you were posting private posts! I will need to get your password for future ones.
    But, anyways, this is so exciting!!! Your plan going forward makes so much sense to me. And staying with your doctor who knows you is also wise. I am thrilled for you! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Email me at if you want the password!

  2. Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly with this pregnancy and that your little one will come closer to his/her due date.

  3. Congrats!! And if you keep writing, I’ll keep reading ☺

  4. Pregnant!? Congrats! Sorry you aren’t feeling well, hope you jump out of the first trimester funk in the next few weeks 🙂

  5. Congrats on the new pregnancy! Wishing you a looooooong, heatlhy, and boring 9 months 🙂

  6. Congrats!!!! I totally missed the password post or would have requested!! How fun to have siblings so close together!! Truly thrilled for you!!

    1. Thank you! If you decide you want the password, feel free to email me at

  7. A blog/journal should always be first and foremost for yourself. Write what YOU need to write, and not what you think your readers want to hear, and let us decide if we want to stay along for the ride.

  8. Congrats! Praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy. Sorry I never got on the password protected post bandwagon!!

  9. I had a feeling. I still read every post- but with my mini tornado I don’t comment as often. But I would definitely read about a second pregnancy. Congrats momma!

    1. Thank you so much!

  10. I’m just catching up! Congratulations! So exciting. I didn’t know you had password protected posts, they must not come through on the app. I’ll have to email you and check them out when I’m on my computer!

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