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Younger was easier…

Is it just me or does every new stage Nora enters seem more difficult than the one before?  I used to think babies were hard.  But now I look back and think, wow, she just laid there in the swing!  I could do dishes, laundry, you name it!  Yes, at that stage I was attached to my pump, but still.  It was easier than this morning!

Nora woke around 7:45am, which is fine, I can’t really complain I guess, as I hear some kids wake at 6am.  I changed her and warmed a bottle, she drank maybe 5 oz of formula before pushing the bottle away.  I brought her out into the living room where all her toys are, closed the baby gate to the downstairs, and tried to focus on cleaning up the kitchen from dinner last night.  Well people, Nora cries if I’m not holding her lately.  She will crawl after me, stand up, tug on my pants, basically making it impossible for me to do anything.  I attempted to fold some laundry that had been in the dryer for days and she kind of played around me, pulling some clothing out of the basket, but we got to the point where she wanted to play with the clothing I had already folded.  Not cool.

By that point I was hungry so I poured myself a bowl of cereal.  It was perhaps 9:30am.  Of course she whined and reached for me to pick her up.  So I put her in her high chair and sat down next to her to eat, giving her a few pieces of my cereal.  She threw most of them on the floor before trying to get out of her chair.

By 10:10am she was super fussy so I figured maybe it was time for a nap, even though she hadn’t been up that long.  I warmed a bottle, she took around 3.5 oz and was out by 10:20am.

I took advantage of the downtime to shower and start dishes…

Nora woke around 11:40am, changed diaper, dressed her for the day and figured maybe she needed some ‘real’ food.  I put her in her high chair, again she tried to get out before I could even offer her anything.  I warmed some baby food, squash and sweet peas.  I know, it doesn’t sound good, but she usually loves almost anything containing squash.  She took the first bite, swallowed.  I gave her another, out it came onto her bib as she struggled to free herself from the restraints of the high chair.  Normally my go-to at that point is yogurt.  She actually seems to like yogurt.  So I opened a tart cherry noosa, which she has eaten many times.  She ate the first couple bites, but then spit the next out.  By that time, noonish, the sitter for the day had arrived.  We chatted a bit, and I left as Nora was crying for me 🙁

I basically suck at this stay-at-home mom thing.  I mean, I was only with her this morning and didn’t know how to entertain her.  If I had her all day I guess we would have gone for a walk this afternoon, as it’s finally a little warmer.  But what else?  Tried to get her to eat more ‘real’ food?  Which I assume would have ended with me frustrated again…

I’m so sick of opening containers of baby food and then promptly throwing them away!  Why won’t she eat anything real??  Why does she hate being in her high chair??  She can’t exist on formula forever…  Am I doing something wrong?  I’m to the point of thinking maybe I need to make my own baby food for her.  I guess I need to do some research and find some recipes…  Feel free to pass along your tips and tricks for making your own!

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  1. I too think you are at a harder stage once the baby is mobile. She’s at the separation anxiety stage. It’s normal, but yes annoying! For homemade baby food, there are many baby cookbooks, I don’t have any anymore but it is so easy. Even just taking a bag of frozen broccoli and steaming it then cutting it really small for her. If you open baby food jars, put it in another dish that way you can serve just a bit at a time and don’t waste the whole thing. Babies are boring, but just wait you’ll be on the go soon enough you’ll miss being at home. I run from 8:30-7pm most days with kids school and activities.

    1. I’m waiting for the separation anxiety to end!

  2. It never gets easier and every new stage is harder. But it’s tolerable and you’ll get through it. With my daughter I never fed her baby food I just fed her food we ate. Such as if we had veggies steamed I’d cut those up and give them to her of course mushy or potatoes mashed or anything mashed up. My daughter is in the talking back stage she’s 4 now so she’s got a mouth on her..

    1. Oh gosh, talking back, I can’t even imagine!

      I’ve tried just giving Nora what we are eating, but it seems she won’t eat much… So I end up giving her bottles/formula. I just feel like she is getting too old for bottles to be her primary source of food…

  3. First this is normal. It can be harder. Can you baby wear her on your back? This is how I get many things done. If you open the container dump some in a dish and feed from the dish. If she doesn’t eat everything you can put the tub in the fridge and use it again as her germs are not in the tub. They eat when hungry!!!!! It’s hard and frustrating. Sometimes I lose Carly, no joke I lose her in the house. It’s a tricky stage, she has a short attention span and just wants mom. I throw 5 toys around and then switch them out. When in doubt I throw puffs at her. Sometimes I walk away and shut the door, plug my ears and let her cry becasue I need a minute. You are a normal mom. As far as food goes try solids before the formula, she may eat more and then still drink when she is done? We have to do this with our 4 year old and milk. Some kids will drink their meals if they can. Hang in there “this sh!t will pass”.

    1. I have a hard time getting her on my back alone, but I’ll keep trying.

      I wish I could lose Nora in the house… she just wants to be held all the freaking time. Today she seems a little better, as I’m typing this while she plays on the floor. Granted, she is playing with a box of make-up from Sephora that arrived today, but none the less, she is keeping busy, so I’m considering it a win. Well, as long as she doesn’t end up eating any of the make-up.

  4. My biggest tip with making baby food: don’t over think it.

    1. I swear Nora’s problem is the fact that baby food doesn’t have salt or sugar, for the most part, and the food we eat that she has tasted does…

      1. I’ve had some luck with Curtis mixing flavours. If he doesn’t like something at first (particularly a veggie) I mix some rice cereal (or something else naturally sweet) in with it. I don’t know if it’s the sweetness he likes or if it just mellows the offending taste. Then once he’s used to it I can usually reduce the cereal amount until he’s taking the straight veggie. He also likes crushed tomato (I just get the plain unsalted canned stuff) mixed with his chicken. Can’t blame him for finding plain chicken boring. I’ve also heard coconut milk is a good baby-food sweetener, but haven’t tried it yet.

        But I’d say, if she likes what you’re eating, let her go to town. The best tip I’ve ever gotten was ‘if you can eat it, they can’–as long as it’s mushy enough, but even pre-teeth they can actually do some chewing (except the ‘no honey before one year’ thing). Even a little extra sugar and salt is ok, I’m told. I try to avoid those things too at this stage, but I’d bet we worry about it a little too much 😉

  5. Each stage will have its challenges! The separation anxiety will get worse before it gets better. The eating gets 50 times worse – toddlers are picky creatures – what they eat one week they won’t eat the next AND without warning. Then you get to potty training and it’s no longer easy to run to the store. Enjoy this time though – they’re only little once. The they become independent all too soon.

    I’m not sure I understand the need for sitters each day with being a stay at home mom. If you don’t think it’s for you – would you consider a part time job? Would give you some adult interaction.

    1. I would like a part-time job, well, I actually wanted to open a coffee shop… Long story, depending on how long you’e been a reader. Anyway, hard to open a coffee shop when pregnant again, and Nora still can’t be in traditional daycare… So I’m basically wasting my time currently. I guess I just find it hard to be home all day everyday, hard to find ways to entertain Nora… And at what age does the separation anxiety end??

  6. She’s still pretty small — have you tried babywearing? One of those nice complicated shawl ones that slings the baby on your back so your arms are still free without a kid between them?

    As for food, how much actual (I mean, non puree) food do you give her? Maybe she’d find a piece of apple or something to gnaw on more palatable than purees. I mean, babyfood is rather gross…Some kids just don’t like it! If she likes yogurt, maybe try some pieces of cheese, too.

    How much practice time does she get with her own spoon? I know my daughter never really liked being fed by someone else, but loved going at it herself with a spoon, even if she wasn’t any good at it at first.

    1. I have a couple carriers that go on your back, I just have a hard time getting her on my back alone! I’ll keep trying though!

      I feel like I’ve offered her a lot, almost all fruits, she did take bites of an apple I gave her, but she spit them out… Like most things. She also spit out small pieces of strawberries and kiwi, just played with cut up blueberries… I haven’t tried cheese yet…

      I have given her a spoon, just so far she just plays with it, she hasn’t actually tried to use it to feed herself.

  7. Girl, I feel you. So my twins are just a bit younger than Nora; they turned one on March 27. We’ve been very lucky in that they eat EVERYTHING… until last week. Now they are all “ooooh, gravity!” and throwing all their food on the floor. It drives me insane. Then they’ve been waking up at night because they’re hungry. And that means I have to nurse again, which is something I’m really trying to reduce to waking hours. ANYWAY, this is all to say that I came up with something yesterday that they are actually eating! I put some oats, unsweetened applesauce, a banana, raisins or dates, a tiny bit of maple syrup, some peanut butter (can Nora have that yet?) and putting it all in the food processor. Then I spread it into a pan and bake for 45 minutes. Cut them into bars. They are gummy, and the kids are eating them the hell up. I also whipped up eggs, whole milk, some cheese, and broccoli, poured into pan, baked 25 or 30 minutes, again cut into bar shapes, and boom, they can’t get enough. I’m not thrilled about this regression – they would eat our pho, Indian food, Ethiopian food, everything – but hey, they didn’t wake up last night to nurse… yaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss! Good luck. Some kids are just this way. My 11-month-old nephew won’t eat ANYTHING. NOTHING! Good luck!!!

    1. Does it depend on how many teeth they have as to what they will eat? Nora only has three so far, although I think her fourth just broke through…

  8. Being a stay at home mom is a lot of work! Some days are better than others for sure. I’m looking forward to more outside time with bubbles, maybe a water table in our future. Try not feeding directly from the baby food jar so you don’t have to throw it out if she doesn’t eat it. My little guy like mashed up banana mixed with oatmeal, shepherds pie, the fruit packs he can hold himself and suck from, I’ll let you know if I think of any other foods that Nora may like 🙂

    1. Nora actually seems to prefer eating directly out of those packs, but I can’t let her hold it, she just squeezes it all over!

  9. Could be teeth. Maeve refuses food and is very fussy and needy when she is teething. I say just embrace it. Cuddle and hold her and give her what she needs. The next stage will be independence and she won’t want to cuddle you so much.

  10. Yea baby food stage is no fun. We did not do hard core baby led weaning but we tried parts and it was great. Basically you give them pieces of food that are so big they can’t choke on them. Like a whole carrot or a long strip of a veggie or corn on the cob or a Banana. They can hold it themselves and usually enjoy gnawing on it. Also she may be ready for more real food like waffles or blue berries or something more “fun”! Give it a try!

    1. I tried blueberries this week, she just played with them, but maybe that was enough for her first experience with them!

  11. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with why a lot of women go back to work at this age 😬. Staying home with them is hard! And like the others said, it isn’t going to get easier. If you’re paying for sitters, why not work so that you have something else to focus on.

    As for the foods, we did homemade purées with both girls. I’d buy the pre-cut sweet potato and butternut squash chunks and just throw them in the food processor for a little water. You can do the same with a bag of frozen peas. Of course at this age, Brynn just wants to feed herself. So I give her anything that she can eat with her own hands. She loves meatballs and chicken and pretty much any diced fruit. If she can stick it in her mouth by herself she is all for it!

    1. We tried little bits of hamburger over the weekend and she actually really liked it… Maybe I just need to keep trying new things.

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