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11 Months Adjusted

Nora is sleeping, Eric is at a work meeting, and I’m relaxing, enjoying Corn Chowder and beer bread I just finished making.  A double batch of the chowder, as I was really craving it.  I highly recommend you make it, but I changed it just a bit.  In my double batch I used 10 small to medium potatoes, and an entire pound of bacon.  The rest I doubled as the recipe called for.

I don’t feel like I’ve been writing about Nora as much, and since I really do want to be able to look back at these posts someday, I wanted to document how she’s doing at 11 months adjusted, 13 1/2 months actual…

  • Nora’s two bottom teeth came in maybe two months ago already, but just this past month one front eye tooth, the pointy one, you know, and one of her front teeth popped through.  So far, that’s four total.  We have a long way to go!
  • She’s been walking for a couple of weeks now.  She still trips over everything in her way, but she’s getting faster and better everyday.  It’s so funny to watch her toddle around, usually carrying her pink blanket, my cell phone, or some other random item she picked up along the way.
  • As for words, we’ve heard mama, dada, I think hi, and possibly dog, but that’s about it.  Today though I noticed she was babbling way more than normal…  Does that mean something?  More words soon maybe?
  • Nora can clap, raise her arms above her head for so big, and a few times has actually waved, but that is still hit or miss.  She is still ignoring me when I call her name 90% of the time.  Selective hearing I assume!
  • Her new favorite things involve Kona, our chocolate lab…  Playing in Kona’s food, rolling and crawling on Kona’s bed, which is currently on the floor in our living room, using the dog bed to climb up onto the couch, pulling Kona’s tail, laying on Kona, chasing Kona, dangling food over the edge of her high chair for Kona, you get the idea.  I’m shocked at how quickly kids learn certain things, like the other day Nora held her hand over the edge to give Kona whatever she was eating, and when Kona got close to taking it she would pull her hand back up and giggle.  Like where did she learn that??
  • Nora loves books, being read to, during which she insists on turning the pages, carrying around her books, looking through them on her own, and of course, pulling every single one off the shelf.  I’m not sure why I bother putting them back every night.
  • Diaper changes are a struggle.  Does every kid hate them?  I assume she hates them because she often has diaper rash, no matter how much cream I cake on her behind.  Even the Pamper’s Sensitive wipes must burn.  Oh, and getting dressed is just as much of a struggle.
  • Nora still hasn’t really gotten the hang of a sippy cup…  Don’t most kids use them by the time they are one?  I know, I shouldn’t compare, right?  All kids are different…
  • Eating solids is still a struggle, for me and her.  I feel like it causes me soooooo much anxiety.  I’m beginning to hate meal times.  I feel like I’m supposed to be offering her solids, and different varieties of solids, three times a day at our meals.  Which in itself is hard since Eric is rarely home for dinner much less any other meal with us, and I don’t see the point in making big meals for just myself.  So thinking of what to offer her is hard.  And then she mostly spits out everything I offer, so in the end I clean up messes 3+ times a day, and end up giving her a bottle to make sure she’s getting enough calories.  As she is still only 16 pounds.  How long do kids take bottles?  I have in my head she needs to be finished with them in a month when she is officially a year, but if I was breastfeeding her I wouldn’t necessarily stop at 12 months.  Or should I just be focusing on switching her formula into a sippy cup by 12 months?  Ugh, where is the manual for kids??

Sometimes I can’t believe that Nora isn’t technically one yet and I’m already 14 weeks pregnant.  Oh what have I done???  I saw my therapist again today and of course she said it’s normal to be anxious and nervous about adding baby #2 to the mix.  Just with Eric working so much I often feel like a single mom.  And granted, I don’t work outside the home, but it still feels like a lot when I pretty much take care of everything at home, not just Nora.

Speaking of baby girl #2…  I’m feeling pretty good.  I still feel sick, especially when in the car, if I don’t take my unisom and B6, but if I do take it each night, I feel pretty much normal enough to forget I’m pregnant sometimes!  And I’ve only gained 6 pounds so far, so still in my regular clothing, although pants are getting a little tight.  I swear all 6 pounds is in my behind.

I was looking online for cribs and crib bedding a few nights ago, but then got scared.  What if this baby is born at 20 weeks, or even 23 weeks…  We all know babies don’t survive when born that young, and if they do, they have severe health issues which last a lifetime.  I feel so lucky that Nora is doing so well, after everything she’s been through, but what if we aren’t so fortunate with the next baby?  Do I wait to order everything?  I’m so freaking jealous of the people who just assume they get a healthy baby at 40 weeks and don’t even worry about it coming early.  Or the people who beg to be induced before 40 weeks, just because they are uncomfortable and sick of being pregnant.  I now realize how everyday inside counts!  Our bodies are a much better incubator than any technology the NICU offers.

Okay, before I get too deep into thinking about this baby not surviving, I better go and clean up the kitchen.  I hate cooking for this reason…  I hate cleaning up!

This picture of Nora was taken this afternoon 🙂


18 thoughts on “11 Months Adjusted

  1. It took awhile for Abbie to use a sippy cup and to really eat meals. And she’s still mainly breastfed but when I’m away she still gets a bottle (she’s 15 months). So I think you’re doing fine 🙂

  2. All babies that age hate diaper changes. What struggle! Our dr. just told us to get Maeve off the bottle and on to a sippy cup (at her 12 month appt.). Glad you are feeling pretty good 🙂 Nora is such a sweetie.

  3. I want corn chowder now! So, my twins (11 months actual, 10 months adjusted) LOVE our dog. She walks by and they scream with happiness! They hate diaper changes…HATE THEM. Flip over, scream, etc. It is brutal. I’ve learned to put diapers on while they are standing, rolling, while I’m holding them, etc. What a pain. I hope it gets better. I thought babies (toddlers) were done with a bottle when they turned 1. LOL Our pediatrician said that once they are drinking cows milk they should be drinking it out of a sippy cup…and that will still be about 24 oz a day for a while…I think the sippy cup has something to do with their teeth…we started transitioning them to cows milk when they turned 11 months and started with a sippy cup too. We did have to try a number of them before we found one that they liked. They still struggle sometimes…but it takes time! Glad you’re feeling good with this pregnancy. I totally am with you when you talk about women who are pregnant and don’t worry about having issues or delivering early, etc. I worried every single day and still do and I am not pregnant!! It is just something those of us who have struggled with infertility have embedded in us!! I’d say just let it go and plan and buy but it is easier said than done!! Sending positive thoughts your way though.

    1. I don’t know how you put on diapers while they are standing! You are my hero!

  4. Gwen never really learned to do sippy cups at all. We pretty much went straight to normal cups, with never more than a very little in at a time, no more than I was willing to clean up if she spilled. 🙂

    1. She seems to like straws the past couple days. And I did order a few of the 360 cups, basically a regular cup that doesn’t spill. We see how she does!

  5. You’re not alone on the diaper changes! I give Brian something to hold while I change his diaper… The tube of ointment, another diaper, a little toy that plays music… I just make sure to vary it so he doesn’t get bored with the same thing. He drinks from the sippy cup, but will not hold it. Every time I start to worry that he will never learn to hold it himself, I remember that is totally ridiculous. How many 15 year olds do you know that still drink out of bottles or refuse to hold their own cup?!

    I feel for you on not wanting to plan anything for the new baby. I think infertility or loss will make you second guess, let alone an experience with preterm birth. I’ll be praying for you!

    Hope all is well in stay at home mom land 🙂

    1. Nora throws everything I hand her while changing her diaper. Like seriously throws! I find more stuff behind the changing table!

      Good point about sippy cups. Not sure why I am in such a hurry for her to grow up. Maybe the anxiety of adding another baby soon…

  6. Ansel is almost exactly the same age as Nora (he was born 3/17) and is basically on par with everything you listed! He does use a sippy fairly well, but we started introducing it very early. I highly recommend the 360 sippy cups!

    1. I have a couple of the 360 cups, but I just feel like she still isn’t getting it. Actually, the other day she did tip it high enough to actually get some out, but she spit it out. Maybe she was just so surprised something came out! I’ll keep trying.

  7. Have you tried water wipes? (That’s the brand name). They are the best! And my lactation consultant told me to make a paste with balmex, lotramin and bacitracin and it works so well for diaper rash. And munchkin latch sippy cups!

    I am also just a first time mom wishing for a manual but those worked for us!

    1. Just ordered and received the Water Wipes. They are definitely less harsh, as they don’t take the baby butt paste off my hands, but I guess that’s the point!

      I’m tempted to order the latch sippy cups to try, but gosh, my cabinets are filling up with different brands. This is as bad as when I was trying to find the perfect bottle! And I bet my next child will want a different brand of everything!

  8. Norais doing great–you’re doing a great job! My BG is doing all the same things, the cutest of which is when she plays with our black lab, Koa–always feeding him and giggling at mealtimes! And BG also hates diaper changes (and getting in her car seat, and having her face + hands wiped).
    Honestly besides her petite-ness Nora is hitting all her milestones with flying colors, and that is amazing! And the petite-ness is no big deal. Also the bottles are not a big deal. I know what you mean about food being hit-or-miss, and struggling to figure out how/what to feed the two of you when it’s 50/50 whether BG will eat anything I cook. This week I did a veggie chili and then pureed it (BG prefers smooth textures) and she liked it! I was dancing with joy! I’ve taken to making “egg muffins” because they are an easy protein and BG likes them (and dislikes meat). Basically you mix up scrambled eggs, add spices + cheese, and bake it in muffin tins. I keep a tupperware of them in the fridge. So there’s an idea.
    I might just have to try that corn chowder! I love soups and stews. XO

    1. Did you try the corn chowder? I ate the double batch so fast, and I’m tempted to make more!

      Surprisingly, Nora likes meat more than most things. I feel like that’s a strange thing for a kid to like, but she does!

  9. Hi there–my first time commenting. I’m an IF friend in Denver 🙂 I have two girls, one 6 years and one 13 months. The 6 yo ate like a champ from the first solids we gave her, and still does to this day. Imagine my surprise when my youngest wouldn’t eat a thing. Everything you wrote, I could’ve written. So a couple of things that could help–it is perfectly fine (per my pediatrician and children’s hospital Colorado) for my baby to drink formula from a bottle until 18 months so that she continues to grow, develop and thrive (side note–my other daughter took a bottle til 18 mos for different reasons and is beautiful, exceptionally smart and well adjusted….so don’t listen to all the BS about ruining your child if you don’t stop the bottle right at 12 mos.) Secondly, we are now doing feeding therapy at Children’s Hospital with a SLP and it’s amazing. They know what they’re doing and I no longer dread mealtimes. We still have a ways to go but we wouldn’t be making ANY progress if we hadn’t taken it a step further. Obviously we have different babies, but I can so relate to your frustration and wondering so I thought I would at least pass on what we’ve been doing. And congrats on baby girl 2! I love having two little girls!

    1. Up until 18 months makes me feel a lot better. I’m trying to relax about this and just go with the flow. We tried cow’s milk last night and she drank it, but I feel like she still gets better nutrients from formula, so I guess I need to ask her doctor again…

      Nora has a high-risk preemie appointment in a couple weeks I think, and I’m going to ask about feeding therapy. Moms of other preemies have told me they are more likely to have eating issues, so I guess better to at least ask about it.

      And thank you for commenting! I love insight and advice from other moms 🙂

  10. One more thing–we do offer our baby her formula in a Pura Kiki stainless steel straw cup at mealtimes before we transfer to a bottle. She drinks about half from the straw cup and half from the bottle–at other times of the day when it’s not mealtime, we just do the bottle. But she LOVES the straw cup and we are making major progress there. I highly recommend the cup–no plastic, all stainless steel and silicone.

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