16 Week Ultrasound 

I’ll write more when I have more time…  Just wanted to share an update regarding my appointment today. 

The good news is baby girl looks great! Here’s a picture of her quickly developing brain 🙂

And now the bad news…  My cervix is only 2.1 cm. For reference, it should be closer to 5 cm. And to remind new readers, this is the same reason Nora was born at 29 weeks. So I’m obviously terrified of losing this baby, or of having to live through another NICU stay. 

So today I got my first makena injection, which is basically a long acting progesterone given weekly to women who have already had a preterm delivery. 

And next week I’ll see another high risk provider at the University for a repeat ultrasound to re-measure my cervix and then discuss placing a cervical cerclage. 

I’ll write more when I know more.

11 thoughts on “16 Week Ultrasound 

    1. I’ve asked several times, I asked when I was pregnant with Nora as well, and my regular OB at the University has repeatedly told me that there are very few studies on bed rest, and most don’t support it helping. So… I’m not sure…

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      1. Yup mine have said the exact same thing. That it’s only proven to do one thing – cause blood clots. But wondering if they want you to abstain from sex, lifting, etc.


  1. She is already beautiful! I sure hope you don’t go through a NICU stay again but you if anyone can do it, it’s you. You handled Nora’s with such grace. Praying your sweet baby girl stays in there for lots more weeks!!


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