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High-Risk OB Appointment Tomorrow

My high-risk OB appointment in Iowa City is tomorrow.  Yeah, tomorrow.  Eric has a full day of surgeries scheduled, so of course he isn’t available.  He’s rarely available, and never on short notice.  Eric actually called to see if they could see me this Friday instead, as he has Friday off, but my regular OB called back and strongly encouraged me to make Monday’s appointment work.  She said the sooner we talk cerclage, the sooner it can be placed, preferably next week.  If I wait until Friday to be seen the procedure wouldn’t be scheduled until I was 17 or possibly closer to 18 weeks, which she isn’t comfortable with.

I feel like this whole situation is more serious than I originally thought.  I mean, if my regular OB wants me seen tomorrow, we aren’t wasting any time!  How do I not feel like a ticking time-bomb?  I was buying groceries a few days ago, with Nora, and I lifted her, in her infant car seat, into our vehicle, which is kind of high, and thought, this is like lifting 25 lbs almost above my head, this probably isn’t good for me!  But what do I know!  They technically didn’t give me any restrictions except no strenuous exercise.  So we’ll see.  Eric isn’t going tomorrow, so I’m nervous, not sure what questions to ask…

Off the subject, had to share a cute picture of Nora and me from yesterday 🙂


17 thoughts on “High-Risk OB Appointment Tomorrow

  1. Good luck 💜

  2. Wishing you the best tomorrow!!

  3. Sending you love and hugs to tomorrow’s appointment. If I lived close I would come with you for support or even just to watch Nora. Praying and hoping all goes well!

    1. You’re so sweet, thank you!

  4. Good luck tomorrow!! Will be thinking of you!

      1. How did your appointment go? I’ve been thinking about you.

        1. Just posted an update. Overall, not well, but I’ll let you read the post instead of hashing it all out here 😉

  5. Hang in there! They have to be cautious. At least you’ll have answers tomorrow. Prayers!

  6. Hey! I’ve read your blog for awhile. I’m on my 3rd cerclage pregnancy. We can email if you want…
    If not, best of luck. Cerclage a have risks, yes, but once they are in and healed (about 2 weeks) there is minimal risk typically.

    1. I’d love to hear more from you, about your experiences. My email is if you have a minute to send me a note and your email address.

  7. Good luck!! What an awesome picture 🙂

  8. Hope your appt goes well today (or went well if you already had it)!

    1. Thank you! Waiting to see the doctor right now!

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