Back to Iowa City

I’m not sure where I left off last…

Thursday Nora and I went to Iowa City for another Makena injection.  Apparently my insurance can’t figure out if they will pay if the injections are given at home.  I’m so hoping it’s worked out by this Thursday.

Then Friday I went to Iowa City so Nora could get blood drawn for an IgG level.  Thankfully Eric had Friday off and could go with me.  We made a day of it, stopping at Costco and stocking up on everything we didn’t need but missed having.  Right after we got home that evening Dr. Bayer (Nora’s immunologist at the University) called with bad news.  A month ago Nora’s IgG level was 211, but it was now 188.  So…  Dr. Bayer wants to check whether or not Nora is losing IgG through either her stool or urine.  If she is, I think this would be another issue altogether, but I’m not even thinking about that yet.  Dr. Bayer told me not to worry yet, that her level was essentially the same and Nora still has plenty of time for her level to increase to the 700 range of normal.  But of course I’m going to worry.

So today, back to Iowa City for Nora’s appointment, just with a nurse, to somehow collect stool less than an hour old, and urine.  Sounds like fun.

And then after Nora’s appointment I’m having my weekly ultrasound to check my cervical length, and then I’m meeting with Dr. Hunter, the high-risk OB doctor I was supposed to see last Monday.  I’m anxious and nervous.  And of course Eric can’t go with me, it was too short of notice for him to reschedule an entire day of clinic patients.  Should be fun keeping Nora entertained during my appointments…

I have some ultrasound pictures from last week, but I’ll wait to post those, as I need to get on the road, and I assume I’ll get a few more pictures today.

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