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People, I’m only 19 weeks and I feel huge.  And I know what you’re going to say…  I look great, but seriously, I’ve gained almost 16 pounds already.  I think that’s about what I had gained with Nora when she was born at 29 weeks.  Ugh.  Once baby is born I need a serious diet and workout plan!

19 weeks

I’ve been feeling really good.  Hungry all the time though, which could explain the weight gain.  And I’ll admit, it hasn’t all been healthy food.  I crave watermelon like crazy though, so I figure at least that is good for me.  I haven’t felt much movement yet, but being my placenta is in the front again, I’m not too concerned.  Every now and again I feel ‘things’ which I assume are baby girl.  Sleep is my biggest issue.  I have a terrible time getting to sleep, and staying asleep.  And it doesn’t help that Eric usually comes to bed after me, I wake up, and then have to fall asleep all over again.  And Nora has been waking up at night more often…  12 month sleep regression I’m told.  Hopefully it ends soon.  She did sleep 12 hours straight last night, so maybe we are back on track.

Nora has been super clingy lately, wanting to be held, a lot.  Makes it impossible to get anything done.  One of the reasons I haven’t posted lately. Well, that and I’ve gotten hooked on Pretty Little Liars, so that’s been taking up my evening time after Nora is in bed.

Still struggling with getting Nora to eat.  Her 15 month check-up is next week and I’m anxious to see what she weighs and ask the doctor for suggestions.  She’s picky, but I have found a few items she seems to like…  Cheese, lemon bars, fig newtons, bagels, hot dogs, summer sausage, club crackers, chicken nuggets, french fries, yogurt, peaches, gold-fish crackers, and yogurt melts, just to name a few.  And yesterday was the first day I got her to drink cow’s milk out of a cup, with a straw though.  We are still offering her bottles (fortified formula) before naps and bedtime, and honestly she still is drinking quite a bit of those since even though I can get her to eat some solid foods, the amount of those foods she actually swallows seems very little.  For example, yesterday morning I got her to eat one fig newton (60 cals.) and one piece of cheese (30 cals.) for a total of only 90 calories for breakfast.  That doesn’t really seem like much to me…

Nora is getting more of a personality, which is so fun to watch develop.  She definitely knows what she doesn’t want, pushing many things away.  And if she doesn’t get what she wants, our car keys for example, she certainly knows how to throw a fit.  Nap times are another cause for fits lately.  She knows as soon as I take her into her bedroom and turn on her sound machine…  And most naps are still pretty short.  We don’t allow Nora a lot of TV, but every now and again I turn on the Disney channel or something similar, and surprisingly she will actually sit for up to 10 minutes and watch.  And she dances when music comes on the TV.  So cute, but no clue where she learned that, as I certainly didn’t teach her, and it’s not like she’s around a lot of other kids to learn.

Aside from Nora and my pregnancy, Eric’s work has been a source of much stress lately.  I’m not supposed to say too much just yet, which is killing me.  It helps me a lot to talk things out with people, or at least get my feelings out on paper…  He has a meeting tonight where he claims some decisions will be made.  I really hope he’s right, although I’ve heard this before and then decisions have been put off or put on hold.  Hopefully I’ll know more tomorrow, but for now, just let me say, I feel a lot like I’m reliving two years ago when we, well Eric, decided we’d be moving to Cedar Falls.  His career seems to dictate my life.  And often it really sucks feeling like you don’t have a lot of say so over your own future.

My favorite sitter is back today, so I have a few more hours to run some errands.  I hope you’re all having a fabulous day!

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  1. You look great! I haven’t been eating very healthy either!

    1. I might be having McDonald’s for lunch…

  2. I was totally where you are. My youngest was 14 months old when I got pregnant and my belly popped very quickly. If you’re like me…it will slow down. I seemed to “even” out and I felt more like I should look. (Does that make sense?!)
    My baby also was more clingy. They are so smart. Nora knows something is going on. lol Big changes coming her way!

    1. I think my weight gain is slowing. Or it’s just my imagination, since I refuse to get on the scale!

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