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20 week anatomy scan and other updates

I can’t even remember the last time I posted…  Nora is keeping me extra busy these days, still clinging to me 90% of her awake hours.  As cute as it was at first, I just want to get something done!  I don’t think I’ve done laundry in over a week.  I might have to go buy new underwear today!

20 week anatomy scan and appointment was flawless.  The ultrasound tech and my doctor told me baby girl looks perfect.  Below are a few pictures 🙂  We’re still working on names.  I have a few in mind, but none I’m completely set on.

FullSizeRender (86) FullSizeRender (87)

My cervix measured 2.9 cm, so still short, but not in the danger zone.  It’s my understanding they won’t measure my cervix from here on out…  Makes me a little nervous, but I guess I just have to trust that my doctors know what’s best.  I certainly feel different this pregnancy.  With Nora I always felt like she was literally falling out.  I don’t feel that way at all this time, so something must be different, in a good way.  Below is a picture from 21 weeks.  I have gained way more weight this time…  Too much McDonald’s is to blame, I assume.  But at night I crave pretzels, apples, and watermelon.  Could be worse I guess.  (I’m convinced your behind grows during pregnancy to even out your center of gravity.)

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Nora is still living on mainly chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and hot dogs.  We added in blueberries though… but wow, messy diapers from those!  At her 15 month check last week she weighed in at a whopping 17 lbs 2 oz.  But the good news, she is on the charts now, unadjusted!  Well, only 1% for weight, but still.  They did recommend feeding her Pediasure instead of regular infant formula as it has 30 cals/oz compared to 22-23 cals/oz.  Hopefully it helps her gain a little faster.  Sometimes I feel bad giving it to her though, and still in a bottle, like I’m relying too much on it, for the times I can’t get her to eat much solid food for a meal.  It’s kind of my fall back…  She will usually suck down 7 oz of it before bed.  I’m going to keep trying sippy cups, but for the time being, before naps and bed she is refusing them but will take a bottle.

I’m out of thoughts for today.  I should be better about posting more often, I like looking back at where we’re been, it’s just that finding the time lately is hard.  And I assume it won’t get any better after Nora’s little sister arrives!

7 thoughts on “20 week anatomy scan and other updates

  1. So pleased you and baby girl #2 are doing well! Those “clingy phases” are maddening, but at least they don’t last forever–you’ll get a break soon (light at the end of the tunnel). I try to cook but BG doesn’t like half of the things I make, so she eats a lot of fruit (bluberries, cherries, and any type of melon are favorites) and also organic squeeze packs–have you tried giving Nora squeeze packs yet? I always carry a couple in our diaper bag.

    Also, I feed BG a brand called Dr. Praeger’s–she loves their spinach littles and sweet potato littles, but she’ll eat any of their products (found in the freezer section, they are a convenience food). I like them b/c they are delicious and they are made from whole food ingredients with no preservatives or additives. So maybe try to find those in a natural foods store or a natural foods freezer section in your local grocery store? I buy them at Hyvee & Lucky’s market.

    Hope any of this helps!

    1. OMG, the clingy phase needs to end before baby girl gets here. I feel like it’s been months like this already!

      I do give Nora the squeeze packs, but like most things, she eats some, spits some out, and squeezes some on the floor 😉 I’ll have to check my HyVee for Dr. Praeger’s foods! Thanks!

  2. So glad everything is looking good with baby #2. ☺️

    1. Thank you, but I feel huge! I’ll post pictures later today.

  3. Nora is catching up to Mackenzie weight wise! Mackenzie was 17 lbs 7 oz at her 18 month appointment. My pediatrician hasn’t said anything about Pedia sure yet as she’s following her curve. Glad to hear baby is doing well!

    1. Nora is following her curve as well… Just wish we weren’t relying on so many bottles and liquids still 🙁

  4. I am so happy to hear that baby girl is growing well. Prayers for another 19 weeks in there. You look great and Nora is so so adorable.

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