Appt Tomorrow

Heading back to Iowa City tomorrow to be seen for my itchy crotch 🙂 Fun times! A nurse finally emailed me back around 4pm today to tell me to either see someone locally or call to make an appointment. So I called and was told they could see me Friday, which seemed way too long to wait when I itch so badly I can’t sleep. I considered a walk in clinic here but Eric hates when I see someone he knows more than…  So after a 45 minute conversation with the nurse about how it’s probably just that I’ve been hot and sweaty lately, they finally found a midwife who can see me tomorrow morning. Eric hates midwives too but hopefully she can figure this out for me!

Eric is on vacation this week so he and Nora are going as well and while we’re there we’ll try again to get poop and pee from Nora and also blood to retest her igg level. More fun that will be!

Alright, I’m off to bed, hopefully I can sleep tonight…

Oh, I should add I’ve had tons of tightness in my belly the past several days. I assume just Braxton hicks contractions, but I’ve had way more than the four allowed an hour. I’m going to mention it tomorrow at my appt as well. Anyone have experience with lots of tightening at 24 weeks? I had some with Nora but I don’t remember them being this frequent. I tried lots of water and rest and that didn’t seem to help…

4 thoughts on “Appt Tomorrow

  1. I hope you got some answers at your appointment. The joys of pregnancy. I remember with Collin my pelvis separated it was painful all the time. These babes are worth it .


      1. Yes it can it was terrible. Moving in bed was the worst and then changing from standing still to walking and getting up and down. Yes goes away after birth thank God. It started right around 22 weeks so that was a long time. Look up SPD in pregnancy.


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