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Pregnancy is fun

I hate complaining. I really do, because I’ve been on the other side of this, wishing, hoping, doing anything to get pregnant…

But I’ve decided I’ve not one of those people who loves being pregnant. This not sleeping is really getting to me. I take ambien every now and again, and it works. I wish I could take it nightly but my ob warned against that. Not necessarily for baby’s safety, but more so because she doesn’t want me to become dependent on it. And is that the birds I hear already??

I’ve been awake since 2am, as you may know from my previous post. Maybe I need to start taking all my meds/vitamins in the morning. I’ve always taken everything before bed, so I can’t imagine one of them is all the sudden keeping me awake, but worth a try maybe. 

And I have a new issue in the past few days…  Maybe too much information so I apologize ahead of time, but why the heck does my crotch itch uncontrollably??? Is this one of the joys of pregnancy? My first thought was yeast infection, but I’ve had those in the past and this seems different. I remember yucky discharge with that, and I don’t have that currently. None the less though, this itchiness is enough to keep me awake. So of course I did some googling and found its common in pregnancy and can be a number is things, all requiring antibiotics. Of course, right? And if untreated can lead to preterm delivery. Thanks google. Thanks for scaring the heck out of me. 

I already emailed my doctor. I was not planning on driving four hours round trip today to see my her, on three hours of sleep, but that may be necessary.  

Anyone else experience this while pregnant?

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy is fun

  1. I hate how Google has the ability to drive us slightly crazy. I really hope it’s nothing scary and can be treated pretty easily.

  2. This is probably way too late. But Are you itching anywhere else on your body? (Palms of your hands or soles of your feet) It might be worth getting your bile acids checked.

    1. No, no itching anywhere else. I have an appt tomorrow morning so hopefully it’s something simple to treat!

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