25 Weeks

My appointment last Wednesday went well, although I was surprised to find out all my uncomfortableness was a yeast infection.  Thankfully they give me Diflucan to take, and also some cream I can’t remember the name of now.  I see that WebMD says this medicine isn’t safe in pregnancy, but my doctor said it was fine…  Well, too late now, I swallowed it days ago!  I’m still having lots of tightening, which I assume are just Braxton Hicks contractions.  I asked the doctor and she said it could be from the yeast infection, but I haven’t noticed them lessening since the treatment.  The midwife did check my cervix, which I didn’t think they were supposed to do, as to not aggravate things, but she confirmed I’m not dilated, although she guessed my cervix was only 2cm long, rather than the 2.9cm it was several weeks ago  I’m obviously concerned, but trusting my doctors know what they’re doing.  For the life of me though, I just don’t see how this baby is going to stay in until 40 weeks.  I guess maybe a more reasonable goal is 36 weeks, that doesn’t scare me compared to Nora’s birth at 29 weeks.

My newest issue is pelvic bone pain.  Like the actual bone hurts, mostly when I walk.  I never had this with Nora…  I guess on the bright side, pregnancy doesn’t last forever!  Below is my 25 week picture 🙂

25 weeks

After my appointment Wednesday we headed to the pediatric specialty clinic for Nora.  She was due for another IgG level and also they wanted to make sure she wasn’t losing IgG through either her urine or stool.  Let’s just say the entire experience was not fun.  Getting poop and pee from a one year old is like, well, I don’t even know, but it was messy, and there was a lot of crying involved.  Thankfully they got blood from one of her arms on the first stick this time.  We already have some of the results back…  The IgG level in her blood is only 212, so basically no change from six weeks ago, which is so frustrating and disappointing to me.  We see the immune specialist again next month, so of course I have more questions.  Her urine tests all came back normal, which Eric tells me means nothing is wrong with her kidneys.  We are still waiting on the stool results.  I did some googling to see what losing IgG in stool could mean.  All I found was a link to Crohn’s Disease, which Eric tells me she doesn’t have.  I assume it could mean other things too, if that is even her issue, which her doctors doubt, just checking to make sure we aren’t missing anything.

Okay, off to clean the house now that Nora is in bed and can’t undo everything as fast as I do it.

6 thoughts on “25 Weeks

  1. Ohh yes the pelvic pain!!! It’s no fun. I’m also going to remind you to trust you gut. Bifbyouvare anxious about Braxton hicks ask for a non stress test. If they can do something different to keep the baby in do it! Anxiety grew for me as I approached the pre term labor point for Nolan with Carly and it took a week for me to get over it. She didn’t arrive for another two so at that point I hoped she would come. But I was only 37 weeks with him and not your 29, I’m sure yours will be higher logger. Good luck you look beautiful.


      1. Yes the bone pain goes away afterbirth when the pelvis shifts back together. I counted the ones that were uncomfortable for me to “breathe” through them or they stopped me from what I was doing.

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  2. Do not let them check your cervix manually, unless you’re in labor and delivery and it can’t be avoided!!! Cerclage or no cerclage don’t let them, especially a midwife, do it. Get your cervix checked via ultrasound, especially until 32 or 34 weeks. Email me anytime:)

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