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House Tour

House tour complete, and I’m soooo confused.  I’d love some input if you’re willing to read through my ramblings…

Main level consists of an open area which includes the kitchen, a living room area, and dining area, as well as the master bedroom and one other bedroom on that level.

Kitchen / Dining: Amazing.  Overall the pictures don’t lie, the house really did look like the listing online.  There is lots of stone and brick throughout.  Our realtor warned us that many might think the house is rather eclectic, and it is, but I’m not bothered by the many different finishes.  There is a large extension to the kitchen counter which serves as a circular eating area, plus, the other dining space in another area of the main level.  So plenty of seating total.  The kitchen is seriously more than I would ever need, in fact, there is a gas wolf range that I wouldn’t even know how to turn on.  I assume it makes Mac and cheese and frozen pizzas just fine!  No laughing, I’m serious.  There is a pantry, although not large, and lockers off the garage to drop all your junk, just off the kitchen.  We don’t have a huge pantry now, so probably not something that would bother me.  I didn’t look very closely at the fridge…  That’s one thing I feel like can never be large enough, but I did notice they had a fridge/freezer in the garage, so possibly an option for us as well.

Living Room: Very pretty, lots of windows, lots of light, which I love.  Spiral staircase next to this area, very pretty as well.  One thing I noticed overall is that the house has lots of tans, browns, and gold tones, whereas our furniture we own now is more gray, black, and white tones.  Hum…  How is that gonna work??  The backsplash in the kitchen was, interesting… It might need to be replaced, but that’s not a huge deal, nor is it anything that would need to be done soon.  More of an afterthought if I ever wanted to update I guess.  Real wood floors in the living room, Kona would definitely scratch them.  Perhaps she would need to start living in just the lower level…  Not sure how that would work though since she is so used to being so close to us, including when she sleeps at night.

Master Bedroom / Bathroom:  Very pretty, but again, tones of brown and tan.  Would painting an entire house be a huge expense?  I’m obviously not going to paint myself.  Although I guess we can’t really repaint when most of the stone and such is brown tones as well.  Hum…  All new furniture sounds a little overwhelming to me.  Master bathroom has very interesting flooring and walls.  It’s tiled, makes me think the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, but not necessarily in a good way.  The tile has an odd green in it, and the shower has this large, multi head shower combo thing going on.  It looks confusing to me and unnecessary.  There are separate closets off the bathroom, which is nice, since Eric basically just throws everything of his on our closet floor, and it drives me crazy!

Main Level Bedroom: Besides the master there is just one other bedroom on the main level, which is very much decorated for a boy, complete with wallpaper that looks like blue jeans.  It’s not tacky really, looks rich in a way, but simply will not work for a girl’s room.  I suppose wallpaper is not that hard to change.  And there is a private bath off that bedroom, as well as another bathroom off the kitchen, if I remember correctly.  I guess this would have to be the new baby’s room…  More on this later.

Off the kitchen/living room is an amazing circular deck.  It’s very cool, definitely one of the neater features of the house.  But do people really buy a house for the deck?

Okay, so the lower level…  Awesome spiral staircase.  Thankfully the stairs have carpet running down the center, although I still wouldn’t say they are kid-friendly.  The current owners have two little kids and there was a gate at the top, so doable I suppose.

The lower level has a ton of space, the house has over 5,000 sq feet total, but overall, I would have the say that the space is oddly used.  At the bottom of the stairs is a family room area.  Again, lots of windows and light, and doors out to a patio space, the backyard, which has a pond and a fountain, and then a screened in space, like another room outside.  Hard to explain, it’s under the deck basically.  A neat space, not sure how we would use it though, I suppose a set of outdoor furniture.

One way off the lower family room area is a bar, which I didn’t pay too much attention to…  That would be all Eric’s space.  And then around a corner is a HUGE room where they had a huge tv, pool table, several other gaming things…  It’s really a huge space, which seems like a waste to me.  And the flooring is some crazy shiny tile I’m not sure I’m that big of a fan of.  Off that space is another set of doors and another patio to the backyard.

If you go the other way off the lower family room you weave through this odd brick hallway that makes me think medieval dungeon.  No seriously.  I’m not sure how else to describe it.  Through this hallway is storage area, which I don’t think was very large, a laundry room, which was pretty standard as far as space goes, a bedroom with a tile floor which they had setup as a fitness room, and then another bedroom set up as a guest room.  This is where I get confused and concerned.  Overall the house is really neat, definitely unique, if nothing else.  But with only the master and one other bedroom on the main level, where do the kids go?  I guess Nora would go to the room they had set up as a guest room, as it’s carpeted and appears more comfy as a bedroom.  But it’s a long ways from the master, or even the upstairs.  That bedroom is huge, actually way too large for a kids room.  I think her furniture would actually look quite odd in there.  The closet is at one end of the room, behind a dividing wall which doesn’t completely block off the room, just an area of it.  They had that smaller area set up as an office.  I almost wish that wall wasn’t there.  Is it messy and expensive to tear down a wall???  Oh gosh, Eric would freak if he knew I even considered that!  Who reading has their kids in the lower level?  Pros?  Cons?  I guess when the girls are a bit older I could totally see them sharing that room down there, but that feels like years and years down the road, and who knows if we’d even still own the house then!  And I know laundry in the lower level isn’t the end of the world, but I’m not used to walking all those stairs for every load of wash…

Oh gosh, I’m so very confused.  I mean, it’s the first house I can say I’ve really really liked.  But there is a lot I don’t like too.  Lots of stuff I’d like to change a bit.  Do people buy houses already planning all the things they will change?  Our realtor thinks the house is probably about 85k overpriced, so that’s one plus I guess.  Just concerned.  I mean, I can really see myself in the main level, it’s pretty, open, bright, has lots of space.  But the yard worries me, no fence as the neighborhood doesn’t allow fenced yards, and a pond, how do you keep your kids from running in?  Or the dog?  What if Kona doesn’t take to the underground fence thing?  Anyone know a lot about those?  I have zero experience as we’ve always had a fenced yard which seemed easier for kids and a dog.

Also, the current owners are staying in the area, but haven’t even started thinking about where they are going to live.  Our realtor is going to try to find out how long it would be before they would be ready to move.  I’d certainly want to be moved in before baby is born.  And God, what if baby comes early?  Oh, that could be a mess.  Am I crazy for even thinking about all this right now?  Should I stay put?  Someone tell me what to do!

17 thoughts on “House Tour

  1. Could the girls share the upstairs room until Nora gets a bit older and you are more comfortable with her moving downstairs? I know it’s not perfect for sleeping with a toddler and a newborn, but I would think it could be done…Just a thought.

    1. I thought about that… But then I feared they would both keep waking each other up…

  2. Your list of cons seems quite a bit longer than the pros. And I would have to say no based on not being able to have a yard and the pond. When we were house shopping the first thing I did was look at covenants and if there wasn’t a fence allowed I didn’t even look at it. I’m sorry, I know that’s not supportive πŸ™

    1. I appreciate your honesty. It’s what I wanted when I wrote this! And you’re right, there are more cons than pros I think. I guess I was just so used to having unlimited real estate options before we moved here. There are so few properties for sale that interest us here. I think this is only the 3rd in two years we’ve even kind of liked and considered.

      1. It stinks that there aren’t more options that you find appealing for sure, I imagine that’s very frustrating. And if it were me I would probably try to talk myself into downplaying the cons, especially if I wasn’t happy with my current house and was ready to be out of it. I imagine in the price range you are looking everything is super custom to what the original purchaser had built for them, which usually doesn’t translate into the next buyer loving all, or even the majority of it. It is a beautiful home but maybe just not the best fit for you guys.

        1. Yes, I feel like as time goes on I’m willing to compromise more and more. But I know that isn’t always a good thing. We could always build again, but building is sooooo much more expensive than buying an existing home.

  3. First off, I’m drooling over the house…that deck! Make sure they leave that deck furniture if you buy πŸ™‚ First, I’ll address the no fence and the dog. I’ve had three dogs and all three have been able to be trained on the invisible fence. The black lab we have now was a bit of a challenge, but, she’s trained. By that I only mean that had to take away the “delay” warning and she got zapped once (no hate mail please !) and she’s never gone near the boundry again. I think the fence isn’t an issue. The bedrooms, sound weird, with one being pretty far away from the rest of the house? I’d have the girls share a room – I know its not ideal, but generally it can work. There are people all over the world that this is a necessity as they don’t live in large homes. I would go back and see it with fresh eyes and really look at it with your family living in it. A custom build is nice, but do you want to go thru that again? I can only say you need to go back, and process the house again. Imagine you 4 of you living there. If it feels right, go for it!!!! It’s a stunning home – I can see you being happy there and raising your family. Best of luck on your decision!!!!!

    1. Yes, the deck, I keep thinking of it!!

  4. We were sort of in the same boat as far as possibly moving a child downstairs. Even with Brynlee being 4, we still aren’t comfortable and will have Brynlee and Carter share a room for a couple years while the baby has the other bedroom. Although Brynlee generally sleeps through the night, the times she wakes and is crying, sick or comes into our room, I can’t imagine her being downstairs and on the opposite end of the house. And my house is not nearly this size so Nora would probably be even further away from you guys. I really don’t think you would like it. Just a thought…is that other bedroom on the main level big enough to do some construction and split into 2 so they can have their own rooms and on the same level as you? Kids really don’t need huge bedrooms as all they do is sleep in there and can have their toys elsewhere. And I wouldn’t recommend them sharing a room as Nora probably wouldn’t get the best sleep with you coming in and out throughout the night to attend to the baby.

    House is beautiful however! It’s like a fricken castle…LOL!

    1. The bedroom is probably large enough, but I feel like if you have to do construction on the house, then maybe it just isn’t the right house πŸ™ The more I think about it, the more it doesn’t feel like the house for us.

  5. Yes, you are crazy for even thinking about this right now! Stay put.

    You know I have all the same concerns as you. The house we just bought addresses them. It’s one level (so bedrooms on the same floor). It’s done, so there’s no work. And it has a fenced backyard for Koa because you *need* that with a dog, especially a labrador–I never walk him, I just throw the ball in the backyard. With 2 kids and a labrador, you need a fenced yard (a practical 6 foot fence, not a vanity fence). And with a pond? Oh hell no. Not safe.

    And spiral staircases? No. Cute but not safe. And hauling an infant and toddler up and down them? Whyyyyyy would you do that to yourself?!

    Plus, you are pregnant. Moving is stressful. You are at risk for premature labor.

    And lets not even mention how upset and confused Nora would be by all this change–new house then a new baby! It would be bad for her and she might be very emotional. Do you want to spend your nights comforting a toddler who wakes up startled and doesn’t know where she is? On top of being heavily pregnant/dealing with an infant?

    This house hardly seems worth the trouble from the way you’ve described it. Why don’t you wait and build the house you really want when the time is right? The house you have now is very nice! XOXO

    1. Yes, I know in my heart that everything you are saying is true. But then there is this part of me that is so fed up with the real estate possibilities in this area πŸ™

      1. I’m sure a great opportunity will present when the time is right πŸ™‚

        1. I so hope you’re right!

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  7. I have real wood floors and they are pretty dark. With three dogs they aren’t scratched at all. I think leaving Kona in the basement when she is used to being with you would be difficult…..poor thing!

    1. I know, we couldn’t do that… I guess the house really isn’t meant to be for us πŸ™

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