Short Trip to Sioux Falls, SD

First let me say, it’s so fun to see family, and I so wish Eric’s relatives lived closer…  But traveling with a one-year-old is certainly no vacation!  Here is what I learned…

  • Toddlers are assholes when they’re tired, and on said so-called vacation, Nora seemed to always be tired
  • Map out local Starbucks ahead of time
  • Get two hotel rooms, and take a nanny
  • Do not skip naps
  • Do not push back bedtime
  • Bring a truck-load of yogurt melts
  • Do not try MiraLAX for the first time on vacation 
  • Pregnancy and 105 degree heat indexes don’t necessarily mix
  • Toddlers don’t share well

All in all though, we had a great time, and a huge part of me felt bad leaving.  We certainly don’t see Eric’s brother and family often enough.  It was fun to see Nora play with her cousin, who is just about the same age.  I’m hoping we’re able to get together often enough over the years that they grow up truly knowing each other!

As for me, I must be a wimp, cause the heat last week seriously worn me out.  I felt like I was sweating just by walking outside.  Getting Nora in and out of the car, carrying her diaper bag, it all just seemed like a lot with my big belly!  Okay, it’s not that big, but definitely getting larger!  Nora didn’t sleep all that well in the hotel’s pack-n-play, which meant I didn’t sleep well…  I have a hard enough time getting to sleep these days, and then it seemed as soon as I was FINALLY asleep, Nora would wake.  It was nice to be back in my own bed last night, but I can’t say I slept any better.  I put Nora to bed around 7pm and crawled into my own bed shortly after.  And surprisingly I fell right to sleep.  Problem is, Eric stayed up to do some work until around 11pm, and of course him coming to bed woke me.  And then I was awake until 2am.  I almost want to ask him to sleep in the guest room for the next couple months until baby is born…  How rude would that be?  I swear though, he is a big part of my sleeping problem.  I wake up every time he comes to bed after I’m already sleeping, which is basically every night.  He snores most nights, or he moves CONSTANTLY for the first hour or two he is sleeping.  I told him he needs a sleep study, but he swears he knows best, that he’s fine.  My last ditch effort, NO CAFFEINE.  I usually have one serving of something in the morning, and I kind of doubt that is what is keeping me awake at night, but I figured I might as well try everything.  Today is day 1.  Pray for me.  I assume I’ll be getting the famous withdrawal headache soon.

Below is a picture from our trip…  I’m so hoping Eric’s family doesn’t mind I’m sharing, it’s just so stinking cute!  Eric’s brother is holding Nora, and Eric is holding his niece.  Eric and his brother look so much alike, and I think Nora and her cousin have lots of similarities as well.  

Nora is on her second nap of the day, which is really the only way I was able to post an update.  I miss writing more often, but gosh, I don’t know how people find the time.  I spent her first nap filling out a mortgage loan application and showering.  26w3d today, and I’d love to nap while Nora sleeps, but the house is disaster!  We need groceries but I’m just not sure I have the energy today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Nora is getting back teeth, and her moodiness is really wearing me out.  I can’t complain, it’s cute she wants to be held a lot, but then nothing else gets accomplished.  She is her normal happy self on Tylenol, but I hate to give her that round the clock.  Below is a picture I took of my belly this morning…

We are looking at a house for sale tonight around 7pm.  Which now that I think about it is past Nora’s bedtime, so hopefully it’s not a disaster.  This is the first house for sale that I can say I’ve already liked the pictures online.  I so don’t want to be disappointed in person though.  And talk about an awful time to buy a house and move, three months before baby is due…  But great houses in this town don’t go for sale all that often, dare I say very, very rarely.  The pictures are truly amazing, but I assume there will be something about the house I don’t care for.  I already know we can’t fence the yard which will be a pain with Kona.  Underground fences are allowed, I just don’t know much about them and don’t really trust that Kona would obey.  We shall see.  Also, it’s a ranch with the master and one other bedroom is on the main level, and then the remaining bedrooms are in the lower level.  Would I hate this?  That would mean Nora would already be in the lower level and I’d put the new baby on the main…  It’s got a ton of space, probably way more than we actually need.  Yeah, more space to clean, great!  And we don’t have nearly enough furniture. I like the outdoor space though, the deck has a ton of space for entertaining.  I’ll let you know if these pictures were deceiving! 

12 thoughts on “Short Trip to Sioux Falls, SD

      1. Kids bed rooms are a big deal. They live there for 19 years (give or take). I have kids on a different floor and it sucks!!!! I’m sure as they get older it would suck less but I’m thinking at 13 years old it will suck less. But if you like the rest and can deal with the kids rooms becasue this is the last house you will buy then go for it. But if you think , “we might move if 5 or 10 years” it’s not worth the stress.

        It’s also okay to sleep in a separate bed while pregnant so you can sleep. So what you need to do!


  1. Oh my god the heat. I feel for you. I know I could not handle it. That’s why I have already decided that I will never be pregnant over the summer months hahah. Hang in there girl! You house, I say mansion! Very nice. I saw a post about it, I think, but haven’t read it yet. What did you think?


    1. Yes, we had a builder throw together a house in like three months so we’d have a place to live here. But the quality of it is pretty low, lower than I ever expected… We haven’t been happy with him as a builder and would really like to find something different or build again with someone else. This was never meant to be our forever home.


  2. I love that deck!! The pond it backs to is pretty. The kitchen though – busy flooring, backsplash, stone work, ceiling. Too much going on. No fence and basement bedrooms with a toddler would be a challenge.
    As far as no caffeine goes – it took me 3 months of quitting it before I got over my insomnia. Good luck with it, not being able to sleep is tough.


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