16 Months! (13 months adjusted)

So I’m two weeks late on taking these pictures, but who is counting…  Actually, while I love looking back at these, they are getting to be a pain in the as* to take as Nora is so mobile and refuses to cooperate!  I got three that were cute…

FullSizeRender (94) FullSizeRender (95) FullSizeRender (96)

Nora continues to amaze me.  I assume all parents think their own kids are adorable, but I keep looking at her and thinking how cute and sweet she is, how I’m so lucky to be her mommy.  (And then I get scared, what if our next is an ugly little demon who cries non-stop???)

Nora still doesn’t eat well, although what she will eat seems to change by the week.  We’re still on chicken nuggets, hot dogs, most meat really, string cheese, blueberries, and these freaking rip off baby fruit snacks.  There are only a few in each package and she gobbles them down.  I’m tempted just to try cutting up the regular fruit snacks.  Needless to say, I’d estimate 70% of her calories are still coming from Pediasure, which discourages me.  I guess a big part of me just feels like she is bored with bottles, like I’m not offering her the right things, but gosh, I feel like I try so much and she just spits it out or gives it to Kona.  She will gladly take a bottle though, and is getting better with straw sippy cups.  I hope one day she just starts to eat everything in sight!

I’m still trying to get her to take two naps a day, although sometimes the morning one starts too late, lasts too long, etc., and thus the afternoon one gets missed.  She is a bear when that happens though!  Bedtime is still between 6 and 7 pm and she will wake anywhere between 7 and 8 am.  Every now and again she will wake during the night, but not often.  Earlier this week she did, but I think it was because her teeth have been bothering her, she’s getting several in the back.  We’ve been giving Tylenol and Advil round the clock, and I can so tell when they wear off!

My regular sitter was on vacation this week…  And I realized I want to be the kind of stay-at-home mom whose kids go to daycare.  Kidding.  Kind of.  I just feel overwhelmed with Nora a lot, and crap, two kids in a few months???  Nora’s newest thing is climbing over the back of the couch.  She has fallen once so far, thankfully I kind of caught her.  She is so freaking quick, I mean I seriously turn around to get something out of the fridge and she has one leg over the back already!  The days in general just feel very long.  I tend to count down to 5 pm but then Eric isn’t ever home at 5, it’s more like 8 or later, so everything falls on me.  And several times a week he will have events, dinners, meetings, etc., after work, so he’s gone even later.  Sometimes I just feel like I need a break, but that isn’t always possible.  Three meals a day of Nora not eating, throwing the food on the floor, having to re-clean up the kitchen, ugh.  I feel like I work at a daycare, and that was certainly never my dream!  But then I feel bad, knowing how sweet Nora is.  And I love my time with her, I know I’m lucky to be able to stay home… just hard some days.  Even the weekends are a break, as Eric is on-call so much, so everything is again on me.  I find myself cancelling plans often with the few girlfriends I’ve met here because Eric is working and can’t watch Nora.  Please tell me I’ll be able to handle Nora and a baby on my own so often???

Please share your thoughts!

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