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Baby Monitors

What does everyone have for a baby monitor?  And do you love it?

We’ve had several over the year and a half of Nora’s life.  No laughing.  I have a shopping / Amazon addiction.  I’m aware.  No judging.  I guess my largest issue is whether or not I want to move to web-based, where we’d be forced to use our phone or table for viewing rather than a screen that comes with the camera.  With web-based though we could view from anywhere, Eric could even watch Nora nap from work, if he really wanted to.  That brings up concerns with baby-sitters though…  I would need to leave them my iPad to use for viewing, and I have lots of stuff on my iPad I wouldn’t necessarily want them looking at, not that they would…  And would they feel like I was spying on them, since I could technically log in and see Nora’s room when they are watching her and we’re away?  Is a traditional monitor just easier?  Below is what we’ve tried and my thoughts…

iBaby – I’m not a fan overall, limited field of vision and the image quality is rather poor in my opinion.  Web-based, so have to use a phone or table for viewing, but can view from anywhere, not just when you’re home.  Also has the option of inviting family members to view the feed, like grandparents, for example.

Infant Optics DXR-8 – This is the one we currently use.  It’s good, no huge complaints I guess, but it’s nothing fancy.  The screen isn’t very big, it’s not web-based, so need the monitor, and the clarity of the picture is just so so.  I like that it shows colors for the volume amount though, like red if Nora is crying loudly, as I turn it down a bit at night while we sleep.  The battery length is great though, and the connection has never failed, nor has there ever been any odd interference that I’ve noticed with some monitors.  I already ordered a second camera for the new baby, but I think I could still return it as we haven’t opened it yet.

Levana Ovia – This was actually our first, but it had TERRIBLE interference with something else in our house, maybe our cell phones, I don’t know.  There was almost always a weird humming noise, so annoying.  Not web-based.

Simplicam – I actually really liked this web-based camera.  The picture on my phone and iPad was so very clear it was amazing!  But… it kept losing our wireless, like several times a day I’d have to go back in and put in our network’s password.  So annoying, although perhaps it was something to do with our internet, as it got a ton of great reviews.  I used it for one day earlier this week and already sent it back to Amazon.  I considered buying another camera, but something was wrong with the one we had…

Nest – I purchased this one today, trying it out tonight.  So far it’s eating the battery on my iPad, but once I head to our bedroom for the night I can plug it in to charge, so not a huge deal there I guess.  The clarity is so so.  It offers 1080p, but something about it chooses the best clarity based on your internet connection.  It’s a clear picture, but I don’t think as clear as the Simplicam.  There is no strange hum or interference, but it’s still web-based, so it reloads every few minutes and thus there is a stop to the overall sound, which I notice, although I assume I’d sleep through it, I hope.  It’s supposed to give alerts you set on your phone/iPad, but from reading the manual, it only sends them once every 30 minutes, which doesn’t really help if your child wakes up and starts crying.  Basically you’d have to have the app open and watching to see/hear when they wake.  I think technically this is meant as a home security camera, which could explain why it’s not perfect for a baby monitor.  We’ll see how it works overnight, and hopefully I wake in the morning when Nora does.

10 thoughts on “Baby Monitors

  1. We had the sophia Levana and it would be sitting on the table working fine and then just stop. I hated it. We have the dxr-5 now and I have absolutely no complaints.

    1. I know, the more I think about it, the one we’re using is working just fine…

      1. Yeah we almost went with the dxr-8 but it was more expensive so I thought I’d take my chances with the 5 and it’s been great. We’ve had a hard time with signal MAYBE twice, but easily fixed with an adjustment.

  2. We have one web-based one and one direct camera-monitor Motorola one. We NEVER use the web-based one, in fact I don’t even know the brand and while baby proofing last week I actually just unplugged it. The connection was never reliable which meant it wasn’t reliable and we never trusted it.

  3. we have the former dropcam pro, which was bought out by nest. we love it because it integrates with our existing thermostat and smoke alarms.

    1. and i just finished your post and realized you bought the nest. ha. i love it because i’m not tempted to sit there and stare at it all the time, which i find unnecessary. do i sleep through alerts? sure because my phone is set to vibrate at night, but honestly if she’s crying loudly enough that i need to go and get her, then i’d hear her anyways. it gives me a chance to peek in when i do hear her, to see what time it started, whether it seems like it’s calming down, etc. i sleep much better this way.

      1. Hum, interesting… I’m not sure I love the nest… I’ll post later today about it overnight if Nora naps!

    2. I can see if we had other home devices… We don’t though…

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  5. […] never have, as I don’t have a way, nor do I feel I really need to. Awhile back I posted about baby monitors and just today I purchased a new one to try for 15 days before I either return it or am stuck with […]

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