I made it to 27 weeks!

Yes people, I made it to 27 weeks!  Below are pictures from 26 and 27 weeks.

26 weeks27 weeks

I think I actually look smaller this week than I did around week 23.  I just feel fat though, as according to my own tracking, I’ve already gained 26.6 pounds.  Yeah, I think that’s too much.  And I don’t feel like this baby is necessarily ‘falling out’, like I always did with Nora, but I definitely feel like she is lower the past week or so, like too low, like stuck down there.  I considered getting my belly bandit thing back out, as I seem to remember that making me feel better last time.  Maybe this feeling is normal…  What do I know!  I’m still having a lot of tightening on and off, which I notice much more on days I’m more active, lifting and carrying Nora a lot.  Not sure how to get around not doing that though…  She is still being very clingy!  Oh, and this baby is so very active.  Maybe Nora was too, but I rarely to never felt Nora move.  This baby is jumping around all the time!

Cravings are still mostly fruit, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew melon, apples, peaches, etc.  And I might have just finished the package of Fruity Crisp Oreos.  OMG, they are so good, and I’m not usually an Oreo fan.

I think this little girl’s room is going to be shades of dark and light purples with plum or berry mixed in.  So far I ordered this rug, but not sure I’m thrilled with it.  It has a ton of strings hanging from it, right out of the package.  I fear it’s never going to hold up.  And now that I’m back on the site, I see a bad review.  Ugh.  It’s huge, too much work to send back…

I have more to say but wanted to write separate posts…  On to the next one!

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