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Back Pain

First, mom, if you’re reading this, don’t freak out!

It’s 4am and I’ve been laying awake for hours with back pain and lots of tightening. Now I know, pregnant people get back pain. But with Nora I had awful back pain at 28 weeks and some odd days, which prompted our trip to the hospital to discover I was dilating. So I’m obviously worried. I’m only 27w2d. It’s too soon. I’m not mentally ready to have another preemie. Nor am I ready in any other means. We have no plan in place for Nora. I have nothing packed for the hospital. Did I mention my doctor is almost two hours away? And they don’t deliver at 27 weeks here, even if I did have a local doctor…

I’m hoping I feel better in a few hours…

6 thoughts on “Back Pain

  1. Oh goodness, I hope it’s just pain and nothing more!!

    1. I drank a bunch of water and I feel a lot better!

  2. Thinking about you, Stef. I hope you are feeling better. Please keep us posted.

    1. I drank a ton of water and I feel a lot better. For now…

  3. I’m so glad I read your next update first! 😊

  4. Keep drinking all the water!!! God, pregnancy is such a challenge for some of us. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers. And you, baby 2: Stay put!!

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