Feeling better, for now 

I drank a ton of water and laid on my left side and even slept for almost two hours! I’m feeling a lot better now. I really hope the back pain was just a weird one-off pregnancy thing. I so wish I could rest all day but Eric has a couple add on surgeries this morning and Nora is awake and ready to play! I do know one thing I’m doing today, packing my hospital bag, just in case…

4 thoughts on “Feeling better, for now 

  1. Geez…never a dull moment in the thing called pregnancy! Can you get a visit with your doctor tomorrow? Even with feeling better your mind will still be racing, ya know?! Try to occupy Nora with some calm (I know, I know she’s a toddler) play to you can rest as much as possible today. Sending hugs!!!!


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