Sorry, my boring titles…  Everyday counts though, and since I’m so uncreative…

Nora and I had a really good day.  Well, aside from the fact that she woke shortly after 6am.  Normally I can count on her sleeping until at least 7:30 and often 8.  But no, not today.  And sucks that I took an Ambien last night, so I actually slept, and was still groggy at 6 this morning. Thankfully, by 7:30am she was rubbing her eyes and ready for a nap, or rather, a continuation of her nighttime sleep.  We both slept a little and got up for the day (again) around 9:30am.

Nora actually ate (a bit) of real food today, an entire stick of string cheese, maybe 1/8 of a bagel with plenty of cream cheese, a squeeze pouch of strawberry flavored apple sauce, which I assume had zero apples or strawberries in it, not quite three chicken fries, and several bites of mac and cheese.  Of course, the rest of her nourishment came from Pediasure.  And her afternoon nap was almost two hours long.  If I’d been smart I would have napped or cleaned, but no, I was texting friends and shopping on Etsy.

Eric is attempting to put Nora to bed now…  I always rock her until she is asleep or just about asleep and then lay her in her crib.  Often she wakes and cries, but usually for less than five minutes.  He doesn’t have nearly the patience I do, and he doesn’t really believe in rocking children to sleep, so I assume there will be some crying soon.  I know Eric means well, but almost daily he tells me I need to stop rocking Nora to sleep, which just makes me feel bad.  I like our cuddle time together, since she absolutely won’t cuddle during the day, much too on the move.  I think Eric is just worried how we are going to get two kids to sleep, or rather how I will, since he is rarely here for bedtime.  I guess I’ll figure it out!

I don’t bake.  I barely cook, but I found this recipe for lemon pound cake on Pinterest and it just sounded really good.  Well, it’s currently making a huge mess in my oven.  I followed the directions and didn’t fill the pan completely…  But still this happened.  It better taste good!

I told myself I was going to organize our master bedroom a bit tonight, but now I’m getting a little lazy.  We purchased new furniture for the room several months ago, but somehow a few of the old pieces found a way to hang out in there, so it looks crowded and just wrong.  And I have both maternity and regular clothing out, which doesn’t all fit in our closet or drawers, so there are random piles of clothing here and there.  Going through all of it feels too overwhelming.  Maybe tomorrow.  I must be nesting, as I’ve been trying to organize every room, kitchen cabinets were last week.  I tend to start too many projects as once though, and a mess is made before any progress is seen.  Our storage room looks a lot better than it did though!  But lots more to go.

Speaking of tomorrow, my sitter is back from vacation!  I’m anxious, as I know it would be good for me to rest for a bit, rather than be on the go all day with Nora.  Carrying her around seems really hard on me.  And I have a haircut in the afternoon, and it’s sooooo much easier not to take a little one to the salon.

Oh, I meant to update on the Nest camera I purchased to use for a baby monitor in Nora’s room…  It’s currently boxed up waiting to be returned to Best Buy.  I had my iPad set up on my nightstand while I slept.  It was plugged in, charging, and still it ate the battery enough to cause the iPad to just turn off at some point during the night.  I woke to Nora crying, as I could hear her from her room.  (Maybe we don’t need a monitor!). Anyway, no clue if it was me, my iPad, something wrong with that camera…  But it’s going back.  I guess we are sticking with our infant optics dxr-8.  No real issues, so why mess with it.

Pound cake is finished!  I’m going to go eat it.  And I assume gain another several pounds…

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