Something? Or nothing?

I’ve been laying in bed watching Sister Wives while I attempt to time the tightening of my belly…  Here’s what I’ve got. 

I’m concerned, but I’m very unfamiliar with real contractions vs fake…  These aren’t painful…  I emailed my ob on Sunday and she emailed me back today asking if I could come see her today or tomorrow rather than Thursday. I emailed her back and said I was available all day tomorrow but haven’t seen an appointment booked for me yet. Am I crazy for wanting to keep my appointment Thursday rather than move it up to tomorrow? My main reasoning because tomorrow I’d have to take Nora with me…  It’s an almost two hour drive each way and she isn’t always the best in the stroller unless we’re constantly moving… And of course Eric isn’t able to get off work to go with me. 

16 thoughts on “Something? Or nothing?

  1. Why would you feel crazy? You had a baby come early and spend 4 months in the NICU. Your concerns are perfectly valid. Go to the damn doctor. And don’t worry about bringing Nora because everybody loves babies. Hopefully she’ll nap in the car. Just bring lots of snacks and toys. I know you’re exhausted but I’d go if I was you. XO


    1. I guess I just feel like I might be overreacting based on my past. They OB told me every pregnancy is different, I could go to term this time. And I’m on the Makena injections. I guess I just thought this pregnancy would be more normal, and maybe it is…

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  2. Hope all is well this morning!!! Your mind has got to be constantly worrying about pre-term labor. I’m so sorry.


  3. My ob was old school would talk to be on the phone, to see and hear how hard the contractions actually were. Was I able to talk through them, follow the conversation and answer questions. We did this with both kids 37wker and my 30wker(28 wk admit for preterm and progressing labor). Momma typically knows what needs to happen, just don’t deny!!! Positive thoughts and prayers headed your way!!


      1. Yeah I’m sure larger group at the U. I had a group of about 15providers… By chance got the two that it was their practice to attempt to talk to me! Hope things improve and they can give you some piece of mind!

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