Real Questions…

  1. Do all toddlers set their food in gross places (the floor) and come back to it later? Am I a bad mom for allowing Nora to eat food off our floors?
  2. How do you shower when your toddler is awake?
  3. Is it bad I wait till Nora’s nap time to eat watermelon so I don’t have to share? She just smashes it and makes a huge mess…
  4. Can I feed Nora the same thing for breakfast several days in a row? She eats string cheese and everything bagels with chive and onion cream cheese quite well in the morning!
  5. How do I keep Nora off the couch? Since she keeps falling off when I turn my back…
  6. When during pregnancy should I give up painting my own toenails? I’d go somewhere but most place’s lack of cleanliness freaks me out. 

18 thoughts on “Real Questions…

  1. 1. Yes, Ruth has no problem finding and eating day old (or more) donuts, granola bars, and fruit snacks under the chairs and couches and eating them.
    2. Put them in the bathroom with you? Or gate them in their room.
    3. I eat ice cream after all my kids go to bed, so I don’t have to share or remind them to pick up their dishes.
    4. Ruth can feed herself donuts so most mornings donuts it is!
    5. You can’t, but eventually she will decide if the consequence, falling off the couch, is worth the action.
    6. Couldn’t tell you, since as you know I am the least girlie girl I know!

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  2. I only fed my daughter at her high chair so she wouldn’t eat food from the floor. If she had a snack it was always in the kitchen and if clean up after her so I don’t know about that one.
    I always waited till my daughter was sleeping before I took a shower. I had her on a nap schedule and I always was able to get a shower in the middle of the day.
    I still eat icecream and other junk food whine my daughter goes to bed because I too don’t like sharing.
    It’s okay to feed them the same things. My daughter are eggs and cheese every morning for a long time. Then I started to add in other foods when she got sick of the same thing.
    I don’t know about the couch thing. I was already disciplining my daughter at that age and she’d get smacked on the hand and I verbally told her in a firm voice no! she learned pretty quick not to do the same thing.
    I don’t know about the nail polish I don’t paint my nails.

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    1. I always said I was only going to feed my children in the kitchen in high chairs… Ugh. I started letting Nora walk around with food because she usually eats it much better that way, almost like she is distracted and just eats without thinking about it so much. Certainly does make a mess though! Hopefully she learns to love food a bit more soon and we can focus on eating at the table!


  3. I put Oliver in the bathroom with me. I take everything out that might be harmful, lock the cabinets, etc. It works out fine.
    No guilt in snacking after kids go to bed. They do make a terrible mess with watermelon!
    I go for pedicures pregnant or not. Just find a place you trust. I have 2, and every other place I’ve tried is gross. Find one that serves wine. While you won’t be drinking it, I have found that the places that offer wine have higher standards.


  4. Haha! Great questions. On #2, I close my 18-month-old in the bathroom with me, and give him an activity (Elmo’s World, puzzles, etc.) to keep him occupied. Occasionally he gets impatient to leave but usually I can get a full shower in.

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  5. 1. Gwen never did this, maybe I was lucky!
    2. Again, file under “amazingly lucky”, but from the start — from when she was about a week old, I would set her on the bathmat outside the shower while I showered. I guess there just wasn’t that much she could get into in the bathroom, as she generally just stayed put. (Or took all the laundry out of the laundry basket.)
    3. I still wait until Gwen goes to bed before I break out food I don’t want to share — and she’s 4.5!
    4. We did scrambled egg + a banana for breakfast every day for nearly a year. She loved it, it was quick and easy, why bother varying things up? I mean, I eat the same thing for breakfast every day!
    5. Sorry, can’t help there — Gwen never mastered climbing until she was safe enough to do it!
    6. When you can’t reach? Then get Eric to do it. 🙂


    1. Good, I don’t feel so bad about pulling the same things out for breakfast again and again now! I painted my toes last night, and as I was doing it I was thinking, Eric must have steadier hands than me! I’ll have to see if he’s up for helping next time!


  6. 1. Yes germs are good and old food can be too!
    2. I don’t…but I have 2 and I shower when they nap.
    3. I’d do the same thing.
    4. We give them yogurt and fruit just about every day!
    5. No idea!


    1. I was just wondering how I shower when I have 2 kids, as I find it hard enough with just Nora. Lately I do shower when she naps, but sometimes I so want to lay down and rest while she is napping, and then it’s half way through the day and I’m still in PJs!

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  7. 1. Yes they all do it. Yes, within reason it’s fine to eat it off the floor, but doesn’t Kona eat it? Most of the time Koa is on standby waiting for BG’s cast offs.

    2. I strap BG in the rock ‘n play. Or you could use a playpen or highchair in the bathroom with you.

    3. No. When I love something and I know BG is just going to throw it on the floor, I don’t share! I have been known to hide in the pantry to eat chocolate (I don’t really feed her that).

    4. BG demands a bagel with cream cheese everysingleday. We eat Udi’s gluten free cinnamon raisin–I eat half, she eats half 🙂

    5. I don’t know. Good question. BG doesn’t really try to get on ours unless I’m on it.

    6. You can take your own nail kit to a salon. Find one at a beauty supply. And take it to whatever shop you choose. Also–take your own polish.


  8. Yes all kids eat food from strange places. I stopped worrying when the cardiologist said germs are good they help build the immune system. I know Nora’s isn’t the best but it helps it grow with each exposure. They can eat the same thing over and over, offer other things but if they eat, let them eat. Carly has string cheese very morning before daycare. I lie to Nolan and say there is peanut butter in food so I don’t have to share, sometimes I eAt candy in the bathroom. As for the toenails, I had my sister do mine for a long time during my pregnancy.

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