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3 Hour Glucose Test

15 minutes away from my 2nd of 4 blood draws this morning.  I’m soooo tired.  Getting up early, nothing to eat, not even water, driving here, obviously no caffeine…   Let’s just say I’m not a happy pregnant woman right now.  And a few minutes after I drank the 100g of dextrose, I think that’s what it said on the huge bottle, I felt so sick.  Like I want to throw-up sick, although I don’t think I will…  Did anyone else feel sick after drinking the orange beverage?  I hope this feeling goes away soon!  They said I should have results on Monday.

Nora and Eric are here too, but thankfully Eric took Nora offsite to pass the time.  I think they were going to the Iowa City Farmers Market.  Hopefully Nora is behaving, since she was up at 7am and hasn’t had a nap yet.  And normally won’t nap when we’re out and about…

Wish me luck!

14 thoughts on “3 Hour Glucose Test

  1. I felt horribly sick after I drank the drink for my 3 hour and then almost passed out before eating lunch after my test. I didn’t feel this bad when I had the 3 hour with the twins. Good luck, hope you pass!

  2. I felt sick after the fruit punch. I got the orange to do this time for my 1 hour test in a couple weeks. The 3 hour test sucks – sorry you have to do that one!

    1. I actually didn’t mind the taste of the orange drink. But yeah, felt so sick after!

  3. I remember this one. By the time I left after my 3 hr test I was so sick. Ugh. Fingers crossed for you. I ended up being diagnosed with GD. No fun at all.

    1. I hope I don’t have GD…

      1. I hope you don’t either. I don’t think being sick has anything to do with diagnosis, but I was so sick.

        1. I felt like you did and passed with flying colours both times (had to take it early and later because of the high doses of Prednisone I had to take for so long). It apparently isn’t a reliable indicator of passing or failing.

  4. I got sick on the orange drink… It was pretty gross.

    1. I didn’t mind the taste, but yeah, felt so sick…

  5. I was a disaster! Total drama 😝 I felt like I was going to puke whilst drinking it but managed to get it down, first blood draw was no problem but I have shocking veins and they went in through my forearm for the second draw! I had sparky eyes, watery mouth and spinning head … As I was about to black out all I heard was don’t puke or you have to start again! I pulled it together but they wheelchaired me to a dark room to have a sleep till the last draws were done! Total diva!
    My numbers after the sugery drink were great however I flunked the fasting one by 0.1 and got diagnosed with GD! My OB/GYN laughed at me and told me to fast for an hour longer and do it again. I politely told him to knob off!
    I got admitted to hospital that afternoon on strict bedrest (at 27weeks) as my cervix was seriously short and had to eat off the poxy diabetic menu and prick my finger 7 times a day for five weeks till I was discharged still preggers! That’ll teach me for not doing the test a second time πŸ˜‚
    Hope your results are good!

    1. OMG, drama. I’m so glad I didn’t throw up, there was no way I wanted to do that test again! But, if you haven’t seen my latest post yet, I failed the three hour test πŸ™

  6. I felt AWFUL (nauseous, shaky, dizzy, shivering, clammy) for hours after that horrible drink for the longer GTT. Yuck! Hope you survived and that you passed.

    1. I survived, but didn’t pass… Boo.

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