Gestational Diabetes

Yep, I failed, I’ll now be treated for Gestational Diabetes (GD).  Great, one more thing for me to worry about in this pregnancy.

I didn’t sleep very well again last night, imagine that.  I actually saw the results online around 3am when I was up to pee and judging from my google searches, assumed I’d be treated for GD.  So of course, I was looking up tons of stuff until about 5am when I finally fell back asleep.  Nora woke around 7:30am though, so not a lot of sleep overall.  One thing I did read is that the Makena injections I’m on to prevent pre-term labor can cause GD.  Awesome.  No clue if that is actually the cause, but studies showed higher rates of GD in Makena users, so who knows…  Maybe I want to believe something caused this other than my body who clearly sucks at getting and staying pregnant.

My doctor’s office already called this morning.  A nurse called in supply orders for glucose testing equipment and then this Thursday when I’m there for my next OB check I’m also meeting with a nurse and nutritionist to learn all about not eating anything fun.  Okay, maybe I’m over-reacting, but that’s how it feels right now.  I was tempted just to go through our pantry and cabinets and throw out all the sugary, sweet, junk food items…  Maybe that would help me not be tempted.  Pinterest had a couple good cheat sheets for what to eat and not eat, so I glanced at those and started a new board of my own.  Feel free to send me pins if you know of good tips or recipes!  And I downloaded an app on my phone to track what I eat and my glucose levels.  I like technology so I figured if I try to incorporate it, maybe this will be more exciting.  Maybe.

From the list of what I can eat I found on Pinterest, my breakfast today was two scrambled eggs and a spoonful of peanut butter…  I’m hungry already and I have a headache.  I really wanted the bagel and cream cheese I was feeding Nora.  Oh, and so much for my fun Starbucks beverages.  I suppose they sell sugar-free, but really, what’s the point??  Or is fake sweetener just as bad??  I guess my main drink will be water from here on out.  Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.  I’ll admit I’m not the best eater.  I’ve craved tons of fruit this pregnancy, mainly watermelon, and I see even fruit now isn’t the best choice for me.  I was worried I was gaining too much weight though, so maybe this will slow my gaining.  And I want to talk to my doctor about at least walking on our treadmill at home for exercise.  They originally told me no exercise to help prevent pre-term labor, but maybe now that I’m getting nearer to 29+ weeks they would allow me to add some in, as I see that’s good for your blood sugar as well.

I’ll all ears if anyone has great advice.  Or just encouragement, I’d take that too right now!

Oh, and our insurance still isn’t all figured out.  I assume paying cash upfront for diabetes supplies isn’t cheap!  I hope submitting all these claims later isn’t a pain in my behind…

26 thoughts on “Gestational Diabetes

  1. That totally stinks! I’m sorry. Everything in moderation, so maybe some of your favorites here and there. You’re on to something with Makena…many meds cause addition side effects that are not very nice, kind of a double edge sword. As for your weight…I think you look great and babies back to back is so hard on your body.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about the GD. You will have carb/sugar withdrawal headaches but hopefully Tylenol will help with that. In my experiences when I’ve quit refined sugar the headaches lasted a few days. I do know that Splenda (sucralose) does not affect your blood sugar the way sugar or aspartame do. Linsey had GD with her second pregnancy so I’m sure she would be happy to talk with you about her diet and experiences if you’re interested.


  3. I had GD too and it wasn’t so bad! Mine was diet controlled, and it sounds like yours can be too. My go-to snacks were cottage cheese with fruit, and apples and peanut butter. I increased my activity (walking) and that seemed to help too if I did end up having something sweet. I went and saw a nutritionist and they gave me a bunch of good ideas of things to eat, honestly I can’t remember them right now but I will pin things to your board if I come across anything!! Good luck, and it could be much worse!


  4. Oh man, that sucks. But silver lining: following a “clean eating” meal plan will make you feel better (more energy) and curb weight gain. I would follow your nutritionist’s instructions, but I’m thinking you’ll be eating a more Paleo diet, and there are lots of good Paleo recipes in pinterest.

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  5. I had several posts about GD back when I went through it. The key is not avoiding the carbs completely, you just have to make sure you balance it out with good protein and fat. Breakfast is the toughest, my carb tolerance was lowest then. And bedtime was the time I could eat a scoop of ice cream – kept my morning sugar low!


          1. Initially I checked first morning fasting, one hour after breakfast, lunch, dinner. Once I had good numbers going the MFM specialist told me to check fasting and alternate which meal i checked after every day. If one came back high then I’d keep checking it daily to make sure it wasn’t a pattern.

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  6. Oh no! The diabetic dietitian that I saw at the hospital suggested a wee drop of carbs at every meal & snack and plenty of proteins and veg to balance it out.
    Breakfast was oatmeal made with water and one slice of toast and peanut butter and a boiled egg – drink was milk or tea/coffee
    Lunch was usually a sandwich with protein and a huge salad – more milk or tea/coffee
    Dinner – meat and veg – more milk

    Snacks were a small piece of fruit or crackers and cheese

    Lots of water!

    As I was on bedrest I wasn’t able to do much in the way of exercise to help my numbers but with the restricted diet I never had a high reading!

    Oh except when I got steroid injections! They made my numbers rocket so be prepared for that if you get them again.

    Finger pricks were before and after every meal and bedtime for the first week then morning and after breakfast and dinner till the day of my c-section.

    Good luck!


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