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I think I failed…

Omg, just saw my three hour results online and I think I failed…  According to what I found online, my fasting and three hour level were okay, but my one and two hour level were too high…  Does anyone remember their results, cause I obviously can’t wait until morning when my doctor calls me!

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  1. I found this one: Gestational Diabetes: A woman has gestational diabetes when she is pregnant and has any 2 of the following: a fasting plasma glucose of more than 105 mg/dL, a 1-hour glucose level of more than 190 mg/dL, a 2-hour glucose level of more than 165 mg/dL, or a 3-hour glucose level of more than 145 mg/dL. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we don’t know how to do Internet research! You know what they say about Dr. Google, right? You are a doctor’s wife and I’m a nurse, lol!

      1. Well that’s just stupid! 😣

  2. I don’t remember my results, but I do remember that I didn’t fail by much, and my 1st 2 were ok. I failed the 2 and 3 hour.

  3. You failed😞 Welcome to the worst club, but that could explain your weight gain. I had it with both kids. Let me know if you need to bitch, I’m here for you.

    1. Yes I need to bitch! I wanted my bagel for breakfast!

  4. I struggled with it. And ended up needing meds. Pills made me feel terrible, so I had to go on insulin injections. It was not awful, but it was not ideal. I was scared to eat anything. I actually only gained like 4 more lbs after the diagnosis. I ate a lot of peanut butter. Oliver only weighed 7lbs1oz, although I was convinced he’d be a 15lb baby.
    In all seriousness, it is manageable. Not ideal, but not the worst.

    1. Yes, I’m mostly terrified this baby is gonna be Nora size at birth!

      1. Odd as it is, my SIL also had GD. The only thing she and I have in common is our age. We gave birth to our children literally 19 hours apart. Her experience with GD was night and day from mine, but our babies weighed the same, down to the ounce. It’s crazy. She was able to fully manage hers without the need of any intervention.

        I was told to eat basically constantly throughout the day. Approved things of course. Even a spoonful of peanut butter, or a boiled egg. Just something every hour or 2. I kept peanut butter everywhere. My bag, my desk, my night stand.

        1. I actually just finished hard boiling some eggs!

          1. Haha!
            I’m convinced I’ll be diagnosed with it again this pregnancy. I’m already trying to adhere to the GD diet, as much as I can.

            1. I don’t have the glucose meter yet but I’ve been trying to limit carbs today on my own… And I feel worse today than normal. I feel tired and worn out, like I need to eat, even though I’ve had plenty of cals.

              1. Just think, you basically only have 10-11 weeks of this though. You’ll get better ideas for things to eat as you go. The struggle is the reason I depended so much on peanut butter.

                1. Good thing I love peanut butter!

                  1. I refer to Oliver as the baby that peanut butter built.

              2. Now I’m remembering, I had found a few organic restaurants that didn’t negatively affect my levels. We did carry out a lot.

  5. Yes, don’t let this get you down too much! It’s an adjustment but I found once I figured out the diet, I felt better and my weight gain slowed.

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