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29 Week Photo

I think I’ve lost a pound this week…  Maybe the new low carb diet! Somehow though, my behind still seems huge.

2 thoughts on “29 Week Photo

  1. I’m a little behind on reading your blog. First…you look great, stop worrying!!! 🙂
    Sorry about the insurance nightmare, not something you should have to deal with right now. That’s just stupid!
    I love the pictures from the scan. Such detail!!!!
    How are you doing overall with GD? Are you able to eat well enough? I think you said something about a separate post, so don’t worry about answering if it’s coming up soon.
    Hang in there momma…29+ weeks is already more than Nora!!!! Yay!!!

    1. Oh, the GD diet is going I guess… I was just about to write an update now, if I can stay awake!

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