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GD Update

I’ve decided GD sucks.  And my heart goes out to diabetics who have to eat this way all the time.  I mean seriously, unless you love meat and hate carbs, this is a nightmare.  I personally dislike most meat and could easily live on carbs.  So this is very hard for me.  Everything I crave, especially fruit, is very limited on how much and when I can eat it.  But hey, I can have all the hot dogs I want!  (For the record, I’m not a fan of hot dogs.)

So here’s the skinny…  If you even care to read.  This might just be info for me to look back on later…

How many carbs I can have…

  • Breakfast  15-30g  (no fruit, fruit juice, or cereal for breakfast)
  • Morning Snack  15g
  • Lunch  45-60g
  • Afternoon Snack  15g
  • Supper  45-60g
  • Evening Snack  15g

If you’re not familiar with how many grams of carbs are in something, go look at a few boxes in your pantry…  Yeah, most anything has a ton.

And these are what my blood sugars need to be…

  • Fasting / First thing in the morning  60-95
  • 1 hour after each meal  <140

So I’m basically testing four times a day.  I don’t test after snacks, but several days I’ve tested a few extra times out of curiosity, like the middle of the might, and when I felt like I needed to eat.  And overall I’d say my numbers are good.  I can definitely tell if I cheat for a meal.  Like one evening I made Nora fish sticks and tomato soup for dinner.  Not that she ate it, so I did.  And my blood sugars were too high.  I should have known better I guess.  And on the nights I don’t sleep well, as in, get maybe three hours of sleep, my numbers seem to be all over the place, even when I think I eat what I should.  I need to ask my doctor about this…

As an example of what I can eat, here’s what I had today…

  • Breakfast – Chocolate fudge protein bar (it tasted like chalk)
  • Morning Snack – 1/2 of a berry almond crunch bar, as the entire bar would have been too many carbs, and a hard-boiled egg
  • Lunch – Cheese and sausage with crackers, 6 crackers to be exact, a few strawberries, and a small container of fat-free Greek yogurt
  • Afternoon Snack – White cheddar popcorn, although not much of it!
  • Dinner – Taco salad I made at home
  • Evening Snack – Not sure yet, I crave so much I can’t have, like a huge buttermilk pancake soaked in maple syrup!

For the most part beverages have been water, iced tea with artificial sweetener, or carb-free sparkling flavored waters.  Every now and again I’ll go to Starbucks for a skinny latte, and even though they use sugar-free syrup, I still have to count the carbs in the milk.  And honestly, they don’t taste all that great and don’t really seem worth it to me…  And you know how I love Starbucks.

There are several foods that I’ve been eating a ton of, as they are carb-free according to this GD diet, such as nuts, cheese, peanut butter, and eggs.  I swear I’ve eaten three hard-boiled eggs each day this week!  And peanut butter by the spoonful!  I did buy pickles, cream cream, and dried beef today to make pickle wraps, as all that should be okay for me.  I’m running out of ideas already though, and it’s only been a week!  It just sucks feeling like you’re on a diet when you’re pregnant, the one time you crave so much more than usual, or at least the time I do!

Part of me thought I might start to lose weight on this new plan, but so far, I’ve lost only about a pound even though I’ve COMPLETELY cut out all sugary snacks and treats.  Although I guess I didn’t gain any either, so that’s encouraging!  Most of the free foods on this diet are high in fat though, which concerns me too.  I have my 30 week OB check tomorrow and I also meet with the nutritionist again tomorrow, so maybe I’ll ask about fat and if I need to pay attention.  The only thing I was told was to count carbs…  Speaking of tomorrow’s appointments, they start at 8:30am, and are almost two hours away, so I best do the dishes, clean up the house, and everything else I put off today.

14 thoughts on “GD Update

  1. I can’t recall exactly, but I gained very little weight from the time of my diagnosis to delivery. Which was 10 weeks. Maybe 4-5lbs. After initially losing 1-2.

    1. Oh gosh, I hope, since to date I’ve gained 27 lbs 🙁

  2. That does seem like a difficult meal plan. Have you googled recipes for GD? I bet there are some super creative ladies out there with delicious food you could prep and change up your meals. Having some variation will make it seem less horrible!

    1. I looked up a few, but none of them included beer bread or pancakes 😉

  3. That sucks. Don’t think I would have survived GD. I lived on fruit when I was pregnant. Still kind do, especially for breakfast. Good luck and hang in there.

    1. I know, I miss lots of fruit the most.

  4. Healthy fats and proteins are great. I lived on avocado and eggs. Made breakfast wraps with low carb tortilla, avocado, fried egg, peppers, spinach, and maybe a slice of bacon to splurge. Very filling so I didn’t crave as much the rest of the day. And I had gained 18 lbs by time of diagnosis, and didn’t gain anymore after that.

    1. I meant to look for low carb tortillas at the store today… I’ll look tomorrow!

  5. Peanut butter (and all nuts) have carbs! Be careful with the nuts/nut butters. I know because when I was a fitness competitor I used to binge on them (not my finest moments, but I was starving from over-exercising and under-eating). Always use a tablespoon to measure nut butters so you don’t “cheat” and mess yourself up, because it’s easy to sit there and scarf it down like ice cream when you’re hungry. XO

    1. Okay, I noticed that on the labels of both my peanut butter and the cashews I’ve been eating… But I swear both are listed as free foods on this stupid diet. I’ll ask today again…

      1. I think the carbs in peanut butter are ok carbs for GD. At least that’s what I was told by my nutritionist. GD is weird. It’s not like type 2, but it’s not necessarily a typical low carb diet either. It is its own little monster.

        1. Yes. I feel like a monster on this diet!

      2. They might be “free foods” if you only eat a tablespoon or two. The problem is that when you are on a restricted diet and nuts are “free foods”, it’s easy to convince yourself that half a jar is ok. Been there, done that!

        1. Lol. I hear you there!

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