Nora – 17 Months (14 Months Adjusted)

I honestly can’t believe little Miss Nora is already 17 months old!  Didn’t we just celebrate her 1st birthday??

Earlier this week we had several appointments in Iowa City for her…  Yes, I feel like I drive there several times a week, which I do, and it’s wearing me out!

Her first was a repeat hearing test.  They still want to check her hearing every six months until at least the age of five due to meningitis.  I’m honestly not sure what they would do if we notice at one of these visits there is an issue…  Thank goodness so far all has been well.  The test was more difficult this time.  Since she was born they’ve just been putting a little ear-plug looking thing in each ear and then a computer device type thing interprets the signal back from her brain and inner ear, telling us she can hear perfectly.  Well, apparently the little ear-plug thing vibrates, and she’s now old enough to know she didn’t care for that!  So they did a behavioral test for the first time, basically she sat on my lap, noises came from different areas of the sound-proof room we were in, and they watched through a window to see if she looked toward the sounds.  Which she did, the only problem with the test, they can’t tell if both ears are working correctly, as she could obviously look to a sound using just one ear.  But, for now, all seems well, and we don’t have any reason to believe either ear isn’t perfect.  Still hard not to worry though.  But I guess I can confirm she just ignores me at home when I call for her!

Our second appointment was in the Pediatric Specialty Clinic with our immunologist.  Eric swears this is the worst run clinic in the state…  I actually really like our doctor, and the nurses are always very nice too, but they are always running behind, and everything just takes so long, and don’t even get me started on the lab there…  Anyway, our visit was good, basically an exam and they drew a ton of blood for more tests.  Not much an immune team can determine without blood tests I guess.  A few highlights from the visit…

  • Nora is up to 18 lbs 10.4 oz, why can’t we get to 19 lbs??
  • All of Nora’s immunoglobulin levels have increased since last month, including her IgG which is the one which is specifically low in her blood.  Last month it was 216 and now it’s 226, so certainly not a huge increase, and still not even close to where it should be, but higher is better.  The doctor reassured me that Nora’s body still has a lot of time to increase this level on its own, that I shouldn’t worry yet.
  • We still believe the reason for Nora’s low IgG level is due to her pre-mature birth, as baby’s get most of their antibodies from their mom’s during the 3rd trimester.  One thing Nora’s doctor mentioned though was having my IgG level checked at my next OB appointment.  She said it’s very possible that if mine just happens to be low (why I’m not sure) then maybe there wasn’t enough to give Nora during the time before she was born.  Which brings up considering testing baby girl once she is born.  Too much for me to think about right now though, but I believe that test can be run on me tomorrow at my appointment.
  • We finally got the test results on Nora’s lymphocytes back, and all seems well, therefore she has been approved for live vaccines!  I’m so excited!  In a month at her 18 month well-check she’ll be able to receive varicella and MMR!
  • And at Nora’s 24 month check-up with the immune team she will receive the  Pneumococcal Polysaccharide VIS.  Apparently it’s extra protection for children with compromised immune systems.  I’ll all for extra protection!
  • Oh, and the best part, the blood for all these tests was obtained with just one stick!  I mean, it was still traumatic for Nora and me, but better than a lot of our visits!

I really have so much more to say about Nora at 17 months, so I’m going to have to post more another day…  I’m worn out.  Good night!

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