Nora – 17 Months (cont.)

I’ve given up on those darn age blocks…  But you’ll all be happy to know I purchased another set for baby sister, in a different color to match her room, purple 🙂  Maybe when Nora is older, like grade school, we can get them back out!  For the time being, you’ll have to deal with me adding text to pictures.  And so I give you, 17 Months!

Image-1 (1)

Don’t mind the laundry in the background…  Good pictures of her holding still are hard to come by these days 🙂

Here are a few random facts I’d like to remember as I look back years from now…

  • Words she knows, na (no), yeah, Ko (Kona), dog, good girl, ma-ma and da-da.
  • Whining is in full force.  She knows exactly what she wants and points and whines as her form of communication.  It’s really wonderful…
  • Loves to play with Kona’s food and water.  Which is a huge mess.  If I close the door to that room she whines.  See above.
  • Loves to throw things in the toilet and bathtub, particularly when it’s full of water.
  • Still loves to be held and hangs onto my legs whenever I seem to be busy.
  • Lights up when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on.  No seriously, that show is like crack for kids!
  • Still doesn’t eat well and living on chicken fries, Pediasure, fruit snacks and mac and cheese.  She will eat most meats, if the timing is right.  Tonight she downed an entire brat minus the outside skin which she gagged on…
  • Loves stroller rides, peek-a-boo, tickles, cuddles on the couch first thing in the morning, Kendra (our nanny/baby-sitter), climbing on the couch (and everything else), Kona, her blankie and binkie, my phone and basically anything electronic, baths, her huge legos and playing with bottles and caps.
  • Hates diaper changes, doctor’s appointments (go figure), not getting her way, bedtime, sitting in shopping carts (makes grocery shopping difficult) and getting dressed.

I seriously can’t remember life before Nora or imagine it without her.  Oh wait, I went to coffee shops and relaxed, I remember now!  During the school year, which starts this week, I’ll have Kendra (the nanny) on Tuesdays from 10-5 and some Fridays from 10-5.  I know, I’m a stay-at-home mom, why do I need childcare.  But I do, cause I suck at staying home, and taking Nora out everyday, and another baby soon, well, wears me out.  And I still have that coffee shop idea in the back of my head.  I need something for me.  I’m excited to have this baby, to get back to regular clothing, lose some weight, exercise without restrictions, hopefully not exclusively pump this time, and so much more.  I know technically Nora and baby sister will be 18-19 months or so apart, but I feel like I’ve been pregnant for two years.  And if I breastfeed for at least another year, well, just takes a lot out on your body.  I’m so ready to be off the Makena injections, only five more weeks!  I swear they are the cause of my horrible insomnia, GD, and restless legs at night.  I hope I’m right so sleeping improves soon.

Back to Nora though…  She is truly a joy, a very happy child.  I feel like I take way too many pictures of her smiling and post them all over my Facebook page.  I can’t help it though, I just love her so much and want to share her cuteness with the world.  (I assume all moms feel this way!)  I’m so excited for her to talk more, understand more, see her reactions once her little sister arrives…  Everyday she does something new that amazes me!

4 thoughts on “Nora – 17 Months (cont.)

  1. Mickey Mouse…. it’s the ONLY THING Oliver will watch. He wakes up talking about Mickey. And we’re not huge on television, so it’s not like it’s constantly on, but if it is, it better be Mickey.

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