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Headache Update

So get this…  I woke up to pump during the night and I was sweating but yet shaking like I was freezing at the same time, which happened the night after I had Nora. And… My headache isn’t nearly as bad. Could it be that the Makena injection is finally starting to get out of my body? I made a little more milk this morning, I was getting worried as it is how many days out and I don’t seem to be getting much with my pump…  Maybe also from the progesterone in my system yet… Hopefully the headache doesn’t come back today!

2 thoughts on “Headache Update

  1. Did you have a fever? Definitely something to report to your doctor…if placenta is left inside you can develop an infection. Just a thought. Hope you’re feeling better.

    1. No fever. And that happened to me with Nora… I am feeling better so far today… Keeping my fingers crossed for now.

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