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Brain Scan Results

Eric just called me after speaking with one of Nadia’s doctors…  Her brain ultrasound showed a grade 1 brain bleed.  Apparently the least severe, but still.  They told us not to worry yet, but how does one not worry??  They are doing a MRI of her brain now but won’t have results until tomorrow.  Just when I thought she was so perfect and doing so well.  I haven’t goggled this yet, I’m not sure I want to.  The doctors still tell us she is doing awesome.  I guess it’s true what everyone says, a NICU stay is one step forward, two steps back.

Eric is still out-of-town with his father but I think he is coming home tomorrow for the day to go with me to see Nadia.  And I guess we are taking Nora…  Wish us luck!  I haven’t even been able to hold Nadia yet, and pending the MRI results, I might not be able to tomorrow yet either.

8 thoughts on “Brain Scan Results

  1. Thinking of you all! Stay positive!

  2. Thinking of you, hope all is well and that you can hold your sweet Nadia soon! Xoxo

  3. Oh friend. I am sorry. I would be worried sick even with the reassurances – how can you not worry indeed. Sending healing energy and lots of love and strength your way.

  4. Hoping you get to hold Nadia soon. The NICU is so difficult (as you remember), I’m praying this setback is temporary. Nadia is already showing you how strong she is…room air, tolerating feeds, gaining weight…she’s amazing!

  5. Sending my love and hoping for very good results!!!!

  6. Scary. Google will probably only add to your stress right now. Hypocritical of me to say tho since I always cave and turn to it. Hope this turns out to be minor 💜

    1. Yes, I googled issues caused by lack of oxygen at birth and I was horrified. Terrified for Nadia. I never should have looked…

  7. So glad to hear so many positives on Nadia!! You know the NICU ride always brings bumps in the road but wanted to share that we went through this with Joey and everything resolved during her NICU stay and no long term issues! It is extremely hard, as they did additional testing etc… Try not to panic until they give you more information to cause worry! Hugs and praying for you all!!!

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