Scalding Breastmilk 

I won’t go over the process here, but those of you who sent me information, thank you thank you!  The reason I’m scalding my milk already is that I have way too much in the NICU and already need to start freezing some at home.  Nadia takes I think 2 oz a day now, and I’m making about 30 oz.  And can I just say, the Medela Symphony pump is AMAZING. No, seriously.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced when it comes to breastpumps.  So far I’ve used the Medela Pump in Style Advanced, Medela Freestyle, and the Lansinoh Smart Pump, but they obviously don’t compare to the Symphony.  I’m so glad I rented it, and looking back, I’m sad I didn’t with Nora.  It’s faster, gets more milk, and is way more comfortable, believe it or not.  I highly recommend.  

So for scalding, I tried using my Kiinde bottle warmer, which I happen to love as a bottle warmer, but it failed me for scalding.  Or maybe I was doing something wrong, which is very possible!  I seriously had the thing on for 45 minutes and the temp of the breastmilk never got above 120 F.  Perhaps a safety feature of the bottle warmer?  I don’t know… But it didn’t work!  So, I’ve been collecting my milk pumped each day and scalding in a pan on the stove at the end of the day.  The LC I spoke with told me milk pumped within 24 hours could be mixed, so hopefully I’m good there.  I’ve basically been just pouring it all into the pan, turning it on to medium, sticking a thermometer in it, stirring every now and again, and pulling it off the heat once it reaches 170 F.  Question for those of you who do this though…  Almost everyone told me to stick the milk into an ice bath.  Is that necessary, cooling it down quickly, or just a convenience thing so you can bag it sooner?  I find an ice bath more work so I’ve been sticking the pan in the fridge for a bit before I bag the milk.  Is this bad?  I hope not, otherwise I need to throw out the last three days of milk!

And believe me when I say, this kid better drink from the source, cause I’m already over all this pumping.  A year with Nora was about all I can handle, please don’t make me do this another year!

8 thoughts on “Scalding Breastmilk 

  1. Kiinde bottle warmer definitely won’t scald, it’s a favorite because it’s gentle on breast milk. Scalding unfortunately does get rid of the immune boosting factors. Ice bath keeps the milk from cooking, because temperature will continue to rise even after you remove from heat. Again, would focus on not scalding for now since you don’t know if Nadia will refuse it in the first place. Can always donate what you have at that point if she doesn’t. Glad you like the symphony, I hated that thing and was happy to return it in favor of my S2!


  2. I think the ice bath just speeds the process (so you aren’t waiting and waiting to put into bags). I LOVED my symphony – my husband finally made me return it (since we were paying $75 a month for it but I loved it!


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