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Nadia’s Birth – Part 2

Click here to read part 1, in case you missed it 🙂  And sorry, I need to pump in a few minutes, so probably can’t finish the story tonight…

So where was I…  Magnesium was in and the awful doctor told me to sit tight for a few hours and then someone would check me to make sure I wasn’t progressing and that contractions had stopped.

Oh, I guess I should mention a few things…  We’d made it very clear that even though this local hospital was admitting me for pre-term labor, our wishes were to be transferred to the University.  The awful doctor made it clear she was not comfortable transferring me until my contractions had stopped, as basically she didn’t want to be responsible for a preemie being born in an ambulance in route to Iowa City.  Oh, and the kicker, once you get to 5cm they won’t transfer as they figure you are too close to delivering.  So lets just say I’m basically freaking out at this point, as the awful doctor seems fairly lax on my progress, and yet I didn’t want to deliver at that hospital.

Two hours after the magnesium was started the nurse checked me again and I had progressed just 1/2 a cm to 3.5cm, and according to the monitors I was still having regular contractions.  Which I was more than aware of.  At this point I asked for pain meds and the nurse said she would check with the awful doctor when she relayed my progress.  I think it was 11am at this point.

A freaking hour later Dr. Awful said that since I was still having contractions I wasn’t stable enough to be transferred to the University.  Oh, and I could have Tylenol for my pain.  What the f******  f***.  Tylenol??? Really?  I wanted to punch the b****, but I remained pleasant.  Remember, I don’t handle pain well, in my own opinion, and had no desire to birth another child with no pain meds.  The plan was to give the magnesium two more hours to work and then recheck me.

Around 2:30pm the nurse rechecked me and I was at 4cm and still contracting.  Eric talked to the nurse and again expressed our sincere desire to be transferred to the University, preferably before this baby is born!

So I think it was at this point that Dr. Awful called my OB/GYN in Iowa City to discuss transferring.  And finally around 3pm she agreed to fill out the transfer paperwork.  But…  Oh yeah, she wasn’t at the hospital again…  So we waited.  Until freaking 4pm for her to arrive and fill out the paperwork.  Apparently no one at this local hospital saw the urgency of getting me to my own doctor.  Which annoyed the crap out of me and Eric.  I basically kept getting the impression that they wanted to prove to us their hospital was capable of delivering a preemie and stabilizing our daughter before transferring her to Iowa City.  Like they were annoyed and angry we wanted to leave and head to a larger hospital.

Dr. Awful finally arrived around 4pm, checked me again, I was at 4.5cm, which she was not happy about, but agreed to call a transport ambulance.  Say what, there isn’t an ambulance already here at this hospital?  No…  Another 30 minutes.  And still no pain meds let me add!

Around 5pm I was finally loaded into an ambulance.  My nurse from the local hospital agreed to ride along with me, and then they had called a critical care nurse since I was on IV meds and unstable.  The critical care nurse was so, so sweet.  But let me say, when you’re in labor, the last place you want to be is an ambulance.  For starters, they strap you down on a tiny bed.  You can’t move, at all.  I was in so much pain already, and then not being able to move was terrible!  And it was so freaking bumpy…  I swear the ride actually helped progress my labor!  The only good thing…  The 90 mile trip took less than 45 minutes!  Still a long time to be in pain, but the nurses were great, and thankfully, Nadia was not born in that ambulance!  Eric followed in our vehicle so we’d have a way home… when this fiasco was over.

Okay, more tomorrow!


19 thoughts on “Nadia’s Birth – Part 2

  1. I cannot imagine working through contractions strapped to a gurney in an ambulance. Holy crap, woman. You are a warrior.

    1. Um… I’m no warrior. I had no choice!

      1. But you did it. That makes you a warrior. Damn.

  2. Please tell me you’re filling a complaint on this doctor!

  3. I can’t believe that at 11am the magnesium was in and contractions had slowed and they then waited until 5pm to transfer you. I would have been sooo angry. You should definitely lodge a complaint. It’s as if Doctor Awful had no concern about a 30 week preme arriving in her watch. Sorry but I would have wanted you out of my hospital and off to the university ASAP!

    1. I know… Looking back, the sooner she would have transferred me the better. And believe me, Eric and I were freaking out the entire day, each time they told us to wait and recheck.

  4. Yay for speeding ambulances. Sorry the ride was so bumpy. Please tell me they gave you something for pain enroute? ! If I was your nurse I would have demanded pain meds…Dr. Awful and I would have had some words.

    1. No, they gave me nothing 🙁 but I let asking anyway!

  5. Oh, god, 45 minutes in an ambulance, I don’t know how you did it! The worst part of my own labor, other than about two transition contractions which is when I started cursing at my husband, was the ambulance ride when they transferred me from home to the local hospital, and that took less than five minutes! SO uncomfortable being strapped to the bed.

    1. Yes… It was so awful!

  6. Wow, you poor thing! I couldn’t even imagine. I don’t understand why the doctor wasn’t at the hospital while all this was going on, and why doesn’t a hospital have an ambulance available for immediate transfers? You should have never have had to wait that long for either one. I can only imagine what Eric was thinking as well……
    Have a good Friday!

    1. And who recommends Tylenol for contractions?!?! I mean, come on …….

      1. I know… I was very moody!

    2. I guess that’s what you get with smaller hospitals… Not that Allen is tiny, but I’m just so used to the university.

  7. Wow, I can’t believe you had to endure all of that. I agree with a few other comments above – seems a complaint needs filed on this one. You should have been transferred right away.

  8. Ugh. That sounds terrible. And I relate because I took an ambulance in labor and it was just terrible and definitely made my contractions worse cause it was so freaking bumpy and I was trying not to fall off the table. Sirens on or off?

    1. On… But surprisingly not as loud inside the vehicle as I would have thought!

      1. Crazy! Mine were off so we did not make as good of time as you guys!!

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