Holding Feeds

Eric, Nora and I made the trek again today to see Nadia.  And again, I’m worn out.  Could be because I get up twice a night to pump, each time I’m up maybe 30 minutes, but then last night Nora woke once crying, so I was up at least 30 minutes at a separate time with her too.  What I wouldn’t give for an entire day of sleep.  Oh wait, I’d have to wake every three hours to pump 🙂  I know, not any different from having a baby home, but my pump certainly isn’t as exciting in the middle of the night as a cute newborn.

Nadia still isn’t digesting her feeds.  They’ve done all the routine test so far, belly x-ray, and tons of labs, and everything has come back normal, so they are a little stumped as to why she is having such large residuals.  They held all feeds today and hopefully tomorrow will start back with small amounts of breast milk and see how she does.  She’s acting fine and looks great too, which is wonderful, but I can’t help but wonder why we’re having these issues then…  They mentioned possibly doing a barium enema later tonight or tomorrow to check for strictures, or narrowing of the intestines.  We know she doesn’t have a blockage, as she’s had plenty of bowel movements since birth.

When I held Nadia today we did skin to skin and she didn’t have a single drop in oxygen the entire hour!  It was so peaceful and soothing to hold her!  I felt bad though, as right when they laid her on my chest she started crying, as I’m sure she could smell milk, and her tummy was empty.  They gave her a few drops of sugar-water and her binkie and she called down.  I surely hope we can give her some milk again tomorrow.


So not to change the subject, but being I’m so sick of driving back and forth every other day or so, I’ve been considering looking into an extended stay or similar type hotel.  I know it would save a ton of time, as the days we go to see Nadia, more than three hours are spent in the car.  But, there is a huge part of me that fears living out of a hotel with Nora, even for a week or two, would cause me more anxiety.  So much to take there…  And figuring out what to feed Nora when we’re basically out-of-town, ugh, that sounds more stressful than feeding her at home!  Anyone have any advice?  I was going to look into locations and prices of places tonight yet…  Just not sure saving on the drive time would be worth the extra stress overall…


5 thoughts on “Holding Feeds

  1. She is so adorable! I cannot imagine how hard this is on you – you amaze me with your strength to get through each day right now.
    Also from our experience in a hotel with our son when he was born the most important thing is a full kitchen! We didn’t have one for the first 10 days of his life and it was pure torture eating out for every meal and using a bathroom sink and a microwave for everything, I would wish that upon anyone.

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    1. Funny you say that as I just told Eric I wanted a full kitchen. With home football games coming up all the hotels with full kitchens are booked. I ended up booking one with a microwave and fridge for tomorrow (Monday) thru Thursday night. We shall see how this goes… Maybe I can book something with a full kitchen for next week…

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  2. I second the kitchen if you can upgrade later. When we were moving we ended up in hotels for a couple of weeks. We found suites the best so Curtis could sleep in an area separated from us. He ate a lot of bananas, whatever other fruit looked good at the closest grocery store, cheese, and yogurt. When we ate out I ordered a lot of pasta dishes I could easily share with him. He didn’t sleep as well the first day or two, but then we got into a bit of a routine (when we couldn’t get suites, blankets over the sides of the playpen helped keep him from looking at us instead of going to sleep. It is a pain, but doable. We found getting out for walks daily helped keep the kiddo happy.

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