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We’re home, and I’m already feeling so much less stressed.  No idea what it was about being in the hotel.  Maybe just too much for me, the added stress of having a toddler out-of-town just put me over the edge.

Today was similar to yesterday with Nora.  She clung to me and screamed if I wasn’t able to hold her.  Eric had to take her away from me on several walks today.  I did get a few hours with Nadia, even got to hold her again!  They moved her back to bay 5 (an area for more stable babies), removed her oxygen, and increased her feeds.  So all good news today!  And she’s up to 4 lbs 14 oz.  We still haven’t been able to try breastfeeding since still increasing feeds to an appropriate level, but hopefully soon.  And I even got to see a few preemie ‘smiles’ today!


​We got home around 5pm, feed Nora and almost immediately put her to bed.  She needs sleep since today was the second day of no naps!  I unpacked and washed pump parts and bottles and scalded milk I pumped today and yesterday.  Fun times.  I should be in bed, as tomorrow is the first day of MOPs this year, so I need to get up before Nora to shower and attempt to get cute.  Eric is headed back to Iowa City tomorrow and staying overnight.  More on that tomorrow.  I need to pump once more and then sleep. Good night!

4 thoughts on “Home!

  1. That smile is precious — and yay for moving back to Bay 5! I’m glad you are feeling relief and less anxious by being home. Traveling with a toddler is no joke, that’s for sure! Take good care of you!

  2. Welcome home! That’s what I would have done too! Nadia and Nora are beautiful!

  3. Sorry I haven’t commented in a few days…working nights, sleep during the day I fall behind on reading my favorite blogs.
    Nadia looks so sweet. I love her coos and preemie noises. She is looking so healthy, Steph! You must be relieved to be home. It must be easier to be home with Nora and not in a hotel. Hang in there a little longer, Nadia is working hard to get home with you all!

    1. No need to be sorry, you have a life!

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