Today was the first day of MOPs for the year, and it didn’t disappoint!  A few hours away from everything in my life that feels stressful right now, good food I didn’t have to make, and best of all, great conversation with some of my favorite ladies was just what I needed!  Today we were allowed to sit with our table of ladies from last year.  And I love those women dearly, so it was great to see them all again after the break for summer.  Starting next week though we’ll all be placed with a new table of ladies, and while I should have an open mind, I’m really sad to be moving on from this great group.  Of course, we still plan to get together, but I know how difficult it can be sometimes when the events aren’t as structured.  I’m hoping my new table of ladies are just as wonderful!

After MOPs I rushed home, although Eric had already sent the babysitter home.  Eric is off work until September 27th, which is both wonderful and annoying at times.  Great to have the help and support right now, but Eric is sooooo used to having a very set schedule.  When he has free time, like now, he tends to waste it.  And maybe he deserves to do nothing right now, but him laying on the couch watching Star Trek while I do everything is getting on my nerves.

Speaking of my nerves…  And I must first say, I don’t really mean to complain.  I think it’s just my hormones talking.  Yes, let’s say it’s my hormones…

When I got home from MOPs Eric’s family (mother, brother, aunt and uncle) was here all ready to pick him up and drive him to Iowa City to see Nadia.  They are staying over night so they can see her both today and tomorrow, and wanted to include some time for dinners out and shopping as well.  Now I know this is going to sound awful, but I’m annoyed.  This sounds like a vacation to me, and what I wouldn’t do for a vacation right now.  Eric gets to see Nadia, stay in a hotel, without a toddler, eat out at nice places, etc,. for the next two days.  I’m home with Nora, and yes, I love her to death, but home alone with a toddler is no vacation.  And I miss Nadia so much!  Eric is coming home tomorrow sometime, I assume late, and then there is another home game Saturday, so I won’t get to see Nadia until Sunday.  And that feels like FOREVER to me right now.  I just want my baby home!!!

Nora and I did have a good day though.  She didn’t nap all that well for the sitter in the morning so after Eric and his family left I fed her lunch and then she took a nap which was over two hours!  She didn’t wake until about 4:15!  Then we played outside at her water table for a bit, had dinner, played some more, read some books, and then finally got her to bed around 7:30pm.  Just as I started to read her books it started to storm, as in, hail and the whole bit.  So I rocked her a bit longer than usual, and she was still pretty wide awake when I laid her in bed.  Thankfully she went right to sleep.

I finally got out my hands-free pumping bra, which is facilitating this post 🙂  I know I still need to write the ending to Nadia’s birth story, and I planned on doing it tonight, but now I’m worn out and tired and writing another post is the last thing I really feel like doing…  Scalding my milk and washing pump parts used all my energy.

Before I go though, I don’t have a lot of details on Nadia, since I’m not there and what Eric has told me is over text, but he said she is doing really well.  Over 5 pounds now, increased feeds again, and she must be doing okay without oxygen, as it wasn’t back on her in pictures today.  Thank goodness!

I’ll try to make some time tomorrow to write a post that’s a little more substantial and meaningful 🙂

3 thoughts on “MOPs

  1. So glad your MOPs group started back up and that you have a community of ladies who “get it.” Such an important thing to have during this stressful time. It’s great to hear that Nadia is gaining weight steadily and doing well off oxygen. I’m sorry there’s another home game this weekend, three weeks in a row of not being able to visit has to be rough. I’m glad for you that there won’t be home games for the next two weeks after that.

    As for Eric and his family visiting IC, I would be envious/jealous, too. And with Nora’s clingy phase (June is also in this phase, so difficult) it makes things that much harder for you. If only our partners could walk in our shoes as moms for a day (pumping, baby clinging to us all day, cleaning, laundry, getting up during the night, the list goes on and on) maybe they would be a little more understanding. I know it’s a part of motherhood and there are partners who assume more of the responsibility of child-rearing but not the case for most of us. And of course we love our kids but damn, it’s hard work! You’re doing a great job, mama.


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