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More Residuals 

I seriously can’t take the back and forth. I want off this roller coaster. Eric texted me several times today that Nadia was doing great while he and his family were visiting. They must have left there a bit ago…

The NICU just called me. Nadia had another large feeding residual at 3pm and also had a couple spells today where she forgot to breathe and dropped her heart rate. So… holding feeds overnight, doing more X-rays of her belly and more lab work, and starting antibiotics. Depending on results they might move her back to bay 2/3 for closer monitoring. 

This constant worry is gonna be the death of me. And I was so hoping Eric would have been home by now…  Nora is wearing me out!

6 thoughts on “More Residuals 

  1. Sending my love and big hugs.

  2. I’m sorry Stef, I can’t imagine what you are going thru. Sending lots of hugs, thoughts, and prayers your way!

  3. My daughter was born at 35 weeks and I remember her having the forgetting to breathe spells and that was so scary for me… I’d be holding her and she’d turn grey and her monitors would blink and beep like crazy.. The nurse would come by take her and tap her butt and move her around to get her to remember again… That was 10 days of scares.. I can’t imagine completely what you’re going through but I had a taste and that was really hard for me. I am praying for you. I always had to remind myself that she was in the best hands… If she were home I’d be extremely stressed. So just keep thinking she’s being well taken care of. And it’s the best place for her to be at right now. Hugs. And sending prayers!

    1. Thank you, I do know she is in the best hands, but still so hard 🙂

  4. This is agony. I’m sorry it’s so hard and frightening. I’m keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts.

    1. Thank you! They stated meds again last night but she had a good day today! The back and forth is so hard for me..

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