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Nora – 18 Months (15 Months Adjusted)

I’ve been meaning to write this post for over two weeks now! The days just keep getting away from me. Well, as do the months, as I seriously can’t believe Nora is already a year and a half old! The items below are just what I can remember off the top of my head, as she is truly amazing me these days. I remember crying in the NICU, so worried the meningitis would cause developmental delays… so far we haven’t seen any, even without adjusting her age!

  • Weight: 19 lbs 13 oz – 25% adjusted
  • Length: 30.4 inches – 34% adjusted
  • Head Circumference: 18 inches – 47% adjusted
  • Shoe Size: 4
  • Diaper Size: 3
  • Clothing Size: Mostly 12 months now
  • Words:
    • Na (No)
    • Yeah
    • Dada
    • Mama
    • Koa (Kona)
    • Dog
    • Good girl
    • Shhhh (puts finger to mouth)
    • One
    • Two
    • Sissy (Sister)
    • Ball
    • Water
  • Actions:
    • Points to everything, usually what she wants
    • Gives hugs on command
    • Blows kisses
    • Waves good-bye
    • Puts arms up ALL THE TIME for me to pick her up
    • Stacks blocks
    • Assembles legos
    • Runs
    • Helps me pump
    • Climbs on everything
    • Laughs when Eric, or she, farts (don’t ask)
    • Talks on the phone, which is usually any flat object, although she prefers an iPhone
    • Is just now starting to cuddle on the couch and watch TV with us
    • Loves her water table, begs to go outside, which is gonna be a pain now that it’s getting cooler

I know every parent probably says this, but Nora truly amazes me, and perhaps it’s just because this being my first child, and the only child I’ve really spent a lot of time with, well, I’m surprised at how much children in general pick up on. Like how Nora watches me pump and then walks around the house trying to hook herself up to the pump. Or sees me brush my teeth and then all the sudden knows how to brush her own.

Nora can say quite a few words, but at this point it seems like she needs to be prompted to actually say most of them. Although we hear Koa all the time! Is this normal? I meant to ask at her 18 month check-up, but I forgot. Speaking of her checkup, she is now all caught up on vaccinations, as he received her live ones last week! This makes me feel so much more comfortable being that we’ll be bringing Nadia home soon, well, I hope soon! And we’re still kicking around the idea of daycare… More on that another time. Eric keeps asking if we need to hire a nanny. I don’t even work, which makes me think he assumes I can’t handle two children.

Diaper changes are a pain in the butt, but actually just the past couple days have been much better, almost like she is starting to know that she wants a clean diaper and therefore doesn’t fight the actual changing. And her ped did ask me if we’d started potty training.  Um… no, and I wasn’t planning on it anytime soon with everything going on in our lives right now. I figure they make many more larger diapers than size 3, so Nora can move her way up in them for a bit longer 🙂

Eating is still a pain, and I’m sad to say that at 18 months she’s still getting a lot of bottles. I feel like a bad parent, but when she won’t even anything I offer at a meal, I feel like she needs some source of calories, thus we turn to Pediasure or toddler formula. Her ped didn’t seem concerned by this… I still want to try feeding therapy, but too much going on with Nadia right now. I need to get Nadia home and into a schedule with a sitter so I can make some appointments for Nora.

I’m so excited to see what the next couple months bring us, with Nora and Nadia home together and the holidays quickly approaching!


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