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4 Weeks

Can you believe it’s been 4 weeks since Nadia’s birth?  Seriously, time is flying…  But why have I only lost 14.9 lbs in the past month??  With Nora the weight fell off!  I guess I need to use our jogging stroller for more than trips to the mall…

Eric and I visited Nadia today and to my surprise, it was a really nice, calm, pleasant visit.  No bad news today.  Although I feel like now that I typed that the phone is going to ring from the NICU.  Please God, no more bad news calls in the middle of the night.

We are getting to the point where we can start checking off discharge goals, so I thought I’d list those out, although these are more for me than you all reading 😉

Temperature – Just today the nurse told us that Nadia’s temperature has been normal even with her warmer bed at the lowest setting.  Therefore, she is ready for an open-air crib.  One goal complete!

Oxygen – Nadia has been off oxygen for several days now, I actually can’t remember when they removed it.  She must have no ‘spells’ (meaning drop her oxygen level below 90%) for 7 days to meet this goal.  I’m not worried as I don’t think she’s had any spells since breathing room air.

Heart Rate – The goal for this is no spells for 7 days as well, meaning not drop her heart rate, I think the cut off is below 60 bpm, but I’m not for sure on this.  The past few days she’s been good, so I assume that by the time her other goals are met this won’t be an issue.  I hope.

Speaking of her heart, her echo came back normal and they started her propranolol today.  I’m not sure there is much more for follow-up on this until we are out of the NICU, as I think we will have monthly checks with one of the pediatric cardiologists.  For now though, all should be well on the meds.

Weight – There is no set weight required for discharge, but Nadia must be gaining almost everyday, which she is and has been since birth.  Today her weight was 5 lbs 9 oz, which actually seems huge to me, since Nora was discharged at 4 lbs 15 oz.

Feeding – All feeds must be taken by mouth, either bottles or breast.  The nurse said this is really our focus right now, as to date, all of Nadia’s feeds have been by tube.  I feel like we’ve had so many set-backs with holding feeds due to residuals.  Ugh.  Again today I really wanted to try breastfeeding, but we needed to leave before she was due for a feed.  Her tube feeds are on a pump now, and she is still having residuals, but it sounds like they aren’t as concerned as they have been in the past.  I’m really hoping we can try breastfeeding tomorrow, and I told them they could try a bottle with her tonight for the first time.  I want her to take to breastfeeding, but since I’m there so seldom, and I really want her out of the NICU and home, I guess I’ll have to accept bottles.  Hopefully she doesn’t refuse the breast after having some bottles…

Vision is not one of the discharge goals, but I’m pretty sure this week will be her first check of weekly checks while in the NICU and then I forget how often they check vision after discharge.  I know in December we have Nora’s last check…  I assume Nadia’s eyes will be immature now, as expected, but hopefully no other issues.

13 thoughts on “4 Weeks

  1. I cannot believe she is already 4 weeks old!! She is so adorable!! And I rrally hope she continues to reach more discharge goals so that she can go home with you really soon!

    1. I’m really, really hoping to be home three weeks from now…

  2. She doesn’t even look like a preemie anymore to me! Such a cutie pie. Hoping you get to take her home soon!

    1. I know! She looks like a newborn!!

  3. Nadia looks really good. I didn’t have a preemie, but we did combo bottle/breast feed. Bottles don’t necessarily mean she won’t figure out breastfeefing too. My cousin had a preemie that was on bottles to start for 6weeks or so then moved on to breastfeeding. I hope it works out the way you’d like and that she gets to go home soon💝

  4. Wow! 4 weeks old already? Sounds like she is doing good! Glad to hear she is meeting some of her discharge goals! Good luck tomorrow with trying to breastfeed… Hope it goes well for you both!

  5. I continue to pray for progress!!! Can you ask to feed her while you are there if it isn’t time for her to feed? I’m pretty sure both my kids never at on schedule? Could they hold off on a feed or half it so you can breastfeed the next time you are there? I feel they should be supporting you since breastmilk is important and you want to nurse. Ps they can take to the boob after the bottle, its work if its not immediate but you can do it!!!!

  6. If you use a nipple shield when you start trying nursing it will be easier for her and she won’t get that “nipple confusion” people talk about

    1. I need to remember to use one the next time I’m there, thank you!

  7. God. Such a relief on so many fronts but still a ways to go. Are you exhausted? I’m exhausted just thinking about how tough all of this is and especially with a toddler and a long distance between you and your newborn. FWIW I took longer to lose the weight from living baby #2 than #1 too (other than the weight I lost when deathly ill with appendicitis the week after delivery). 🙁

    1. I’m always exhausted… But good news, I’m in pre-pregnancy jeans today!

      1. That’s a plus!!

        1. Well, I just ate three cookies. Oops.

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