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Day of Life 29

Another good day with Nadia, if you don’t consider the stress of bringing Nora along for the visit. I would have preferred Eric stay home with her, but he wanted to come, so we’re all here. So far though, his time has consisted of entertaining Nora outside of the NICU.  Nora is crabby and needs a nap, but rarely will sleep in the stroller these days. We just finished lunch, if you can even call it that, at the Melrose dining hall. Eric swears they’ve been serving the same food for the past 11 years he’s been at this University. None the less, Nora enjoyed her fries and hotdog.

We arrived this morning around 11am and I was pleasantly surprised to see one of our very favorite nurses, Linsey!  It’s always nice to see a familiar, friendly smile upon arriving! 

We finally were able to try breastfeeding today for the first time, but it was rather disappointing for me even though the LC assured me Nadia’s behavior was completely normal for a 34 week preemie.  Nadia was very sleepy, and while she did open her mouth a few times, she almost immediately fell back to sleep and really didn’t suck at all. So… we’ll have to try another time, perhaps Saturday, as I think that is the next day I’ll be here.  Tomorrow is MOPs and Friday is Nora’s 18 month well-check with our local pediatrician. Nadia did take half a feeding by bottle overnight, so she at least is starting to coordinate sucking, swallowing and breathing.  Maybe in another week, when she is almost 36 weeks, she’ll be more awake and take better to breastfeeding.  I hope.

Nadia’s first eye exam was today, and we got good news! Her eyes are stage 2, zone 0, meaning her eyes are still immature, as we would expect, but there is no sign of disease. They will recheck in two weeks.

The above portion of this post I wrote while sitting in Nadia’s room earlier today. I think every time I write we have a good day, God rains on my parade. Just as I was thinking of leaving for the day Nadia dropped her heart rate. Her nurse ran in to stimulate her and noticed she had a bit of her feeding in her mouth, appeared to be reflux I guess. The nurse suctioned her mouth out and we thought all was well, until Nadia proceeded to projectile vomited at least half her feeding, probably about 10 cc. Of course this worried me, but the nurse said once isn’t concerning, we’ll just watch her. So we bathed Nadia, changed all her bedding and then it was time for me to say good-bye. Leaving today was one of the hardest of all days so far, as after her bath Nadia was fairly wide awake, more awake than she had been all day. I felt like I was abandoning my baby. Seriously, I wanted to cry. I’m still picturing her there, all alone, wondering where I went. And of course I know she isn’t alone, nor is she wondering where I went, but still, it breaks me heart. I want her home!

A picture of Nadia after her bath, right before I left for the day…

3 thoughts on “Day of Life 29

  1. I know what I say isn’t comforting at this point it just sucks. Prayers and love.

    Also, as far as nursing a preemie who was in the NICU. Nolan never took to it and I saw lactation consultants. Carly had issues lc not so helpful.

    Other nursing mamas and a breastfeeding USA counselor, changed my life!!!!!! Lactation consultants don’t have to nurse to be a consultant. A breastfeeding USA counselor has to have nursed a baby for a year. If you really want to nurse I would chat with one of them they can provide support through the nicu and the transition home.

    1. Yes, I’m getting the impression the LCs at the hospital aren’t that helpful. I mean, they tell me what I already know! I’ll look into a breastfeeding USA counselor. Thank you!

  2. The photos of Nora are adorable! And Nadia also looks fantastic in her photo. I’m thrilled to hear that Nadia’s eyes look good and I’m so hoping the vomiting doesn’t happen again.

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