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Day of Life 32

Nadia has graduated to a crib!  And weight is up to 5 lbs. 12 oz. I’m pretty sure I can pack away all my preemie clothing!

We tried breastfeeding again today, and Nadia will open her mouth, and even sucked all of two times, but then fell back to sleep.  The LC consultant just tells me to keep trying and that maybe in another week, when Nadia is 36 weeks it will start to click for her. I do have a nipple shield with me that I thought about trying, maybe next time.

The NICU called last night to confirm that Nadia does have urine reflux, grade 1 on one side, and grade 2 on the other. I think I mentioned once before the VCUG test they wanted to do because of her UTI… Well, they did it yesterday. This is Eric’s area of specialty, and he’s telling me not to worry, so I’m not. Apparently most of the time urine reflux in babies resolves on its own over time, and hers is low grade, so an even better chance of it resolving without intervention or surgery. Until then she will continue on the antibiotic she is already on to prevent future UTIs. I’ll post more on this another time, when I know more.

Her feeding residuals are still ongoing, although not consistent with every feeding. I’m not sure if her position during a feed is the cause or not. The nurse did tell me today that the residuals are well digested, just still in her stomach, which I guess is a good thing. They did increase her feedings, but now are giving them over two hours with a two hour break between each feed. Kind of makes it hard to try breastfeeding though, when she is almost always already eating when I arrive here!

I forgot how much preemies ‘grunt’!  Sitting here in Nadia’s room today, she is making quite a bit of noise. Maybe she is just working on filling her diaper!

Holding Nadia earlier I kept thinking she looked so much like Nora, so I looked back… Nadia is on the left below, and Nora on the right. I think about the same age, but now I can’t really remember for sure. They have the same mouth and nose, and I think the shape of their eyes are similar too. And obviously the picture of Nora was taken before she lost her dark hair she was born with. Makes me wonder if our frozen embryo looks the same too!

Eric stayed home with Nora today, and I think tomorrow I’ll stay home with her so he can come visit Nadia. Just easier… Plus, I have so much at home I need to do, like laundry and work on Nadia’s room. Not sure how much I’ll accomplish if I’m home alone with Nora though! She never stops moving!

7 thoughts on “Day of Life 32

  1. Yay for moving up to the crib! That sounds like a huge accomplishment to me!! And like normal she is so cute!!! ❤

  2. She is getting so big. What a little cutie. McKenzie had urinary reflux as well she was on profalactic antibiotics for a couple years until she out grew it. We didn’t find out until she potty trained at 2.5 then yearly catheter dye test – that was the worst. Good luck getting things done with Nora’s help 😉

    1. Eric keeps telling me it’s no big deal, and I don’t think I’d be that concerned except that my mom keeps telling me how awful it was for my sister. But I need to remember that was 35 years ago! I assume tests and treatments have improved a lot since then!

  3. Nadia is getting so big. There is quite a resemblance between your girls. I’m so happy to hear how well Nadia is doing in the NICU. You must find some selnse of relief with each bit of good news. Before you know it…you’ll have both girls at home!

  4. Congratulations! She is beautiful! I love studying my babies to see who they look like or favor:)

  5. One of my girls had kidney reflux on one side (grade 3 I believe). It hasn’t been an issue at all for her. She hasn’t had any infections and she’s been off antibiotics for a while now. She’s 2 and a half. She was getting regular ultrasounds of her kidneys and bladder for a while but she never had any issues and was eventually discharged from the urology clinic at our children’s hospital. So safe to say, it’s nothing to really worry about.

    1. Good to hear, I love hearing personal experiences, makes me feel a lot better!

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