Back on Oxygen

Ugh, the NICU just called. Nadia had a spell, dropped her oxygen, so she now has a nasal cannula again. I feel like this is a huge step back. Our original plan was for Eric to go visit her today, but he didn’t sleep well last night, as he never does, and was just too worn out to drive there. So neither of us are with her today, and now I’m super worried. I’ve been doing laundry the entire day, and feeling sick. Last night shortly after I got home from Iowa City I started to feel a sore throat coming on. I seem to get strep a lot, so I started on some antibiotics I had at home from the last time I was sick. The NICU said if Nadia has another spell they will do a work up, meaning check blood and urine for infection. I so hope I didn’t get her sick. And I wanted to visit her tomorrow and now I’m not sure if I should 😦

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