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Day of Life 35

Nadia is doing much better than when I last posted!

So side note, I really wanted to go see her today, but I’m sick. I originally thought I had strep, but now it turned into a very stuffy nose, so not sure what I have. I took some antibiotics but I still sound awful. Our NICU is really strict about sick people visiting, so even though it’s killing me not to see her today, I know it’s in her best interest, and best for the other babies there too, that I stay home.

As of last night Nadia was up to 5 lbs 13 oz. The oxygen was still on, but it’s at the very lowest setting and word is they plan to remove it soon. I guess the story is that the baby next door to her cried one night, almost the entire night, and since Nadia is in a crib now, she can hear the other babies, and thus cried a lot overnight as well. In the morning they moved her neighbor and Nadia finally got some sleep, some really deep sleep and thus dropped her oxygen. The nurses keep reminding me she is still a preemie and that this is still normal. I did feel like it was a huge step back though…

Still on medication for SVT and urinary reflux, no changes there. I think feeds are up to 2 oz every 4 hours. She gets them on a pump over 2 hours and then has 2 hours off to digest. She is still having some residuals but they are adjusting accordingly. They try a bottle a couple times a day, and so far she’s taken up to an ounce with a bottle, or about half a feeding by mouth. Slowly this will increase, I hope. And I’m hoping I’m feeling better soon so we can try breastfeeding again.

When I was there Saturday the nurse mentioned that her fluids were lowered again, and that possibly in a week or so her PICC line could come out. One step closer to home!

4 thoughts on “Day of Life 35

  1. I am so glad to hear that Nadia is doing well!! And, I really hope you get better ASAP so you can go visit.

    1. I have a bad feeling I’m not going to be better tomorrow…

  2. I really hope you’re feeling better and able to visit sweet Nadia. How is she doing now? Is she holding her oxygen sats well, feedings? Keeping you all in my thoughts. <3

    1. Nadia is doing really well, I was just about to write an update. Me, on the other hand… I was in a terrible mood all day, I miss Nadia so much, this just sucks. And I know many do understand, but most days it doesn’t feel like anyone gets it.

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