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I can’t believe I actually started birth control pills today. After everything we went through for Nora. And then Nadia being a wonderful surprise! 

Just curious, anyone who has been on Nora Be oral while breastfeeding, what was your experience with periods and milk supply… I’m a little scared it’s going to hurt my milk production, but I just swallowed the first pill, so too late now!

And why does it share my daughter’s name? Creepy! 

Nora Be Oral

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  1. I’m about to hopefully go on the mini pill myself and I’ve also been a bit worried about supply, though I’ve read the effects aren’t bad especially if you’ve already been nursing a while. Please do report back and let us know how it goes. My ob appt isn’t until 10/10 and even then I’ll have to wait for a cycle to start it, so it’ll probably be a while for me.

    1. I’ll be sure to update!

  2. Just about any birth control pill can drop supply, so be careful!

  3. I have been on the Nora Be pill for over a year and I did not have any supply issues once I started it.

    1. Oh, this is very encouraging!

  4. I did the mini pull after both of mine and pumped and had no drop in supply with either

    1. I hope that’s the case for me too!

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