Day of Life 42

My relaxing view as I sit here typing..

It’s Tuesday, so Nora is home with our sitter and Eric is home too, doing some odds and ends with his car and his work. I arrived at the NICU around 11am this morning to find Nadia being cuddled by a volunteer.  Apparently Nadia has quite the set of lungs and makes her presence known from time to time!

Nadia is up to 6 lbs 2 oz and doesn’t really look like a preemie anymore.  Her face is filling out and she even has just a bit of fat on her thighs! 

I feel like we’re at the point in our stay where I can see the end (discharge) but yet we’re still too far out to know when that will be. It’s so hard, wanting so badly to be home, and yet knowing your time here is still undetermined. We’ve met all of the discharge goals except feeding. And well, there will be a car seat test too, which will make sure she doesn’t spell, while sitting in her car seat, for I think it’s twice the length of our drive home, so three hours at least. I’m not worried about that test, but one more thing to do I suppose. I assume they will make Eric and I redo all the training we did with Nora here, like infant CPR and the purple crying video. 

As for feeding, she’s been doing really well. Knock on wood… She was moved to phase 2 today, which is being offered two feeds by mouth each 12 hours, so 4 a day. I breastfeed her at noon today and she sucked for 11 minutes! 10 minutes counts as a full feed, so she did awesome! Her feeds are up to 56 cc every three hours, or 1.9 oz. They are fortified, and it sounds like they are switching to a powder rather than a liquid fortifier as she seems to have a lot of gas and discomfort about eating. I think I’ll be able to breastfeed her again at 3 this afternoon, which is only an hour from now.

Nora’s NICU stay was 60 days. I really hope we’re home before that…

And a few pictures of Nora from our sitter!

10 thoughts on “Day of Life 42

  1. Sounds like Nadia is doing very well. She doesn’t even look like a premie baby!
    Oh my heart…that smile of Nora! And her hair is so blonde! You’ve got a couple of cutie pies there, Stef. ❤

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