Day of Life 44

Nadia is 6 lbs 3 oz now and we’re still just working on feeding before we can get home. But I’m sooo frustrated. We’re in phase 2 now, and frankly I don’t even remember what phase 3 and 4 are. I think 4 is just her eating by mouth whenever she shows signs of hunger. Anyway, to get to phase 3 she has to take 4 feedings by mouth each 24 hours for two days in a row. She is only offered 4 by mouth, the rest are tube, so if even one of those mouth feedings she’s doesn’t finish, it doesn’t count. 

I’m still using a shield, but I feel like she does much better breastfeeding than she does with a bottle. If I breastfeed her and she sucks for 10 minutes or more it counts as a complete feed. No idea how much she actually gets… With the bottle though she tends to lose some out the corners of her mouth. Maybe the nipple is too fast? Regardless, she gets upset with the bottle and isn’t as likely to finish the feed. So the real problem is, I’m here so seldom. Even if I leave home at 9 in the morning and since I have to be back for the sitter by 5, I’m still only here for one feeding. This sucks! I’m exhausted from driving. And even though I know we’re in the homestretch, I’m more frustrated now than ever. I don’t see how we’ll be out of here next week unless Nadia all the sudden starts sucking down her bottles. 

On a brighter note, a video of Nora with our sitter!

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