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Is this normal?

Nora babbles to herself in bed, a lot. Sometimes for an hour or more at night before she goes to sleep. And again during the night at random times, for sometimes another hour or more. Last night she was awake from 3am to 4am talking to herself… Is this normal? Isn’t she tired? Is this why sometimes she wakes up cranky and tired?


PS Please forgive the sound of my pump in the background 😉

14 thoughts on “Is this normal?

  1. A- your pump is super quiet I almost missed it. B- yes it is normal. She is self soothing, entertaining herself, or seeing spirits/ imaginary friends. I think it is a sign of her intelligence.

    1. Hum… but for hours at a time?? Seems odd to me…

  2. Curtis does this every night, at bed time and 2 or 3 am. I take as a good thing that he can be content alone and put himself back to sleep. I just wish I didn’t wake up at 3am too. Must be a mom thing. Hubby almost always sleeps through it.

    1. This is encouraging! Thank you!

  3. Oliver did this too. He still does it occasionally, but not like he was about a year ago. Sometimes it would go on and on. I thought maybe we were putting him to be too early. But, he wasn’t unhappy. Just chattering to himself, then later in his sleep. It’s pretty adorable.

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  5. My twins are doing this right now … it’s 56 mins since they went to bed. I always joke that their babbles are actually them casting spells on me because they don’t want to sleep and I put them down 😂 But they’re happy and content and I’m clocked off for the night now! Enjoy the incantations 🎃

  6. June does this, too. Not usually first thing when she goes to bed, but definitely at least once during the night, usually around 3 AM.

    1. I had no idea kids do this…

  7. Yes, it’s how they practice speech and soothing themselves. C even sings!

  8. Normal, Abbie did it too. Still does, though ever since she dropped the morning nap and started daycare she CRASHES at night. But she still wakes some nights and babbles for an hour or so.

  9. Mine does too and almost always at 3am ish sometimes for more than an hour. Sometimes just repeats all the words she knows and talks to her lovey. 🙉

  10. I agree with the others – normal for your kid. 🙂

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