Trying this again…

I feel like we’re in the home stretch of Nadia’s NICU stay… And thus we’ve decided to try staying in Iowa City again. We checked in today (Sunday) and have the room booked until Thursday. The set up of the room is much better than last time, we have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a living area as well. So far it’s working well, as Nora is already sleeping in her separate bedroom. 

I spent the day with my family at a yearly craft fair held in Galena, IL. It’s a tradition with my family to go together, for the past 37 years, so before I was even born! Eric and Nora did not join me and my family, instead they came right to Iowa City this afternoon and spent the day together. It was a fun afternoon with my family, but hard, as I didn’t see Nadia today. I could have gone to the hospital tonight, but I got four hours of sleep last night, and drove over four hours today, and I’m just too tired. I did call Nadia’s nurse on my drive to Iowa City today, and she had a lot of good news! Nadia took two complete bottles by mouth overnight last night and so she moved to phase 3, of 4, for feeding! Phase 3 enables Nadia to eat whenever she wants, rather than on a schedule, and as much or as little as she wants at each feeding, all offered by mouth. They want her to take 175 cc’s each 12 hours (I think, does that sound right?) and so if she doesn’t take that much, they give the remaining amount through her tube at the end of the shift. When I talked to the nurse this afternoon she was on track to take it all by mouth! So the best news, the nurse estimated discharge for Wednesday now. Knowing what I know about the NICU though, I realize Wednesday is no guarantee. I so want this to be our last trip here to visit her though… so I’ll be praying hard she continues to progress on feeding… I must admit, it felt wonderful to pack our infant carrier for our trip this time!

2 thoughts on “Trying this again…

  1. That’s so exciting! Come on Nadia…keep those feeds going strong and get ready for the car seat test. One more big hurdle then you’re free!

    I’m so happy you found a better place to stay this time. It’s really is much nicer to stay when you’re comfortable.

    Good luck…I’ll be thinking about you all.

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