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My latest cry for help from other preemie moms…

Someone please tell me breastfeeding gets easier… I thought we were doing so well yesterday, we haven’t even used the nipple shield in the past 24 hours! But I feel like it takes her so long… Sometimes over an hour just to get her to actually suck for 20 mins. She is constantly pulling away, grunting, passing gas, crying, the list goes on and on. I burp her a million times, she spits up some. I see other moms just put their baby to their breast and 10 mins later they are finished. What am I doing wrong? Will it always take this long?? Will it always take five hands, as I need some to hold her head and body, another to ‘make your boob a sandwich’ as the LC kept telling me. How am I supposed to do this in public?? Was pumping and bottle feeding easier??

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  1. C didn’t latch or nurse well until she was 6 weeks old. No way she finished a breast in just 10 minutes that young – maybe closer to 3 months! Are you working with lactation since coming home?

    1. Haven’t talked to a LC since coming home. I feel like I’ve been breastfeeding forever, two months now, but yet she is still a newborn. Ugh.

  2. Not a preemie mom but all of that sounds totally normal! I remember when we were just getting started, especially with my first, I’d literally have to get DH to make the sandwich for me so that I could help her open her mouth and latch. It was ridiculous! But she’ll get used to it and her mouth will get bigger.

  3. With Charlie it got easier if I tried to keep her as upright as possible while nursing. It helped prevent so much gassiness.

    1. I tried more upright today for a few feedings… I’m hoping maybe this helps!

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